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Aired May 4 2015Episode 11

The investigation leads the team to a dangerous serial killer linked to Theo.

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Aired Apr 27 2015Episode 10

With Joe Carroll’s execution day upon them, the team remains on edge, expecting that he won’t go easily.

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Aired Apr 20 2015Episode 9

Ryan finds himself being tracked by the new killer and a game of cat-and-mouse begins, leading them both back to Joe Carroll... for different reasons.

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Aired Apr 13 2015Episode 8

The FBI closes in on a suspect whom they believe to be the culprit behind the latest murders, but Ryan believes the killer is still out there.

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Aired Apr 6 2015Episode 7

With only a few days before Joe Carroll’s execution, Ryan and Mike shift their focus to a new threat.

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Season 3

Aired May 4 2015
Episode 11
Aired Apr 27 2015
Episode 10
Aired Apr 20 2015
Episode 9
Aired Apr 13 2015
Episode 8
Aired Apr 6 2015
Episode 7