After the Battle for the Apron concludes, the Top 22 home cooks in America face their first Mystery Box Challenge.

It's time to get your baking on! A deliciously sweet #MasterChef kicks off TONIGHT at 8/7c!

The home cooks reveal a unique mystery box that makes them wish they were more thoughtful about what food they left in their fridge at home! Watch a preview here.

The Top 22 home cooks must have an immense passion for food and be determined to out-cook their rivals in a series of head-to-head battles.

Forty of the best home cooks in America will travel to Los Angeles to present their signature dishes to the distinguished judging panel: Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and new judge Christina Tosi.

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Season 6

Aired May 20 2015
Episode 2
Aired May 20 2015
Episode 1

Season 5

Aired Sep 15 2014
Episode 19
Aired Sep 15 2014
Episode 18