So You Think You Can Dance


We are down to the FINAL two fan-favorite routines in SYTYCD history! Who will be crowned the ALL-TIME FAVORITE ROUTINE from seasons past? Will it be a Travis Wall choreographed STAGE routine or a STREET routine featuring tWitch? It's up to YOU...

Double tap if you're excited for tonight's Vegas premiere! Tune in at 8/7c on FOX and let the #SYTYCDstreet VS. #SYTYCDstage battle begin!

The Top 20 hopefuls are pushed to their limits during Vegas Week! Who will break through and who will crack under the pressure? Find out TONIGHT at 8/7c!
Auditions are over and we are headed to Vegas! Here are some of the most standout moments from Memphis, Detroit, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York!

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Aired Jun 22 2015
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