Hell's Kitchen


After last week’s one-on-one competition between two of the lowest ranking chefs, the Top Eight contestants are back for a spirited team challenge.

Chef Ramsay presents the remaining contestants with a series of exotic proteins, ranging from alligator to ostrich to wild boar.

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The remaining 11 contestants have the opportunity to get creative with food's best pairings: beer, wine and liquor.

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Season 14

Aired Apr 28 2015
Episode 9
Aired Apr 21 2015
Episode 8
Aired Apr 14 2015
Episode 7
Aired Apr 7 2015
Episode 6
Aired Mar 31 2015
Episode 5
Aired Mar 24 2015
Episode 4
Aired Mar 17 2015
Episode 3
Aired Mar 10 2015
Episode 2
Aired Mar 3 2015
Episode 1