Bob's Burgers


Bob and Gene travel together to visit the planetarium so they can attend the last rock-and-roll laser show being performed there.

Linda is chosen as the winner of a contest, which allows her to spend the weekend inside the home that is used to film her favorite television show.

The annual Easter egg hunt brings out the competitive nature of Bob and Linda, but this time, the game doesn't go as planned.

Bob tries to learn from Linda's skills with customer service; the debate team asks Tina to join them.

Tina finds out that the aquarium will be shutting down and the Belcher children formulate a plan to keep it running.

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Season 7

Aired Apr 23 2017
Episode 18
Aired Apr 23 2017
Episode 17
Aired Apr 2 2017
Episode 16
Aired Mar 26 2017
Episode 15
Aired Mar 26 2017
Episode 14
Aired Mar 19 2017
Episode 13
Aired Mar 12 2017
Episode 12
Aired Mar 5 2017
Episode 11
Aired Feb 12 2017
Episode 9
Aired Jan 8 2017
Episode 8
Aired Nov 20 2016
Episode 6
Aired Oct 23 2016
Episode 3
Aired Oct 9 2016
Episode 2
Aired Sep 25 2016
Episode 1