American Dad

American Dad

AMERICAN DAD, the Emmy Award-nominated animated series that follows staunch GOP supporter and CIA agent STAN SMITH(Seth MacFarlane) and the misadventures of his unconventional family in LangleyFalls, VA, returns for an eighth season.

Stan's blissfully unaware wife, FRANCINE(Wendy Schaal), has an unfaltering loyalty that allows her to turn a blind eye toward Stan's unabashed arrogance. Meanwhile, Stan constantly butts heads with his 18-year-old left-wing activist daughter, HAYLEY (Rachael MacFarlane), who knows just how to push her father's buttons, whether it's by helping the homeless, demanding women's rights or advocating gun control. Hayley's 14-year-old brother is the geeky, yet confident STEVE (Scott Grimes), a kid who spends his time playing video games and obsessing about the opposite sex.

The Smith cabinet is rounded out by two rather unconventional members: ROGER (Seth MacFarlane), the sassy, sarcastic and routinely inappropriate space alien living in the attic, who is constantly trying on new disguises, and with them, new personalities; and KLAUS (Dee BradleyBaker), the attention-starved goldfish with the brain of a German Olympic skier who always throws in his two cents, regardless of whether anyone is listening.

This screwball family, full of radically different personalities, is just trying to figure out how to love and trust one another in a bi-partisan world. And with a guy like Stan in charge of national security, it's guaranteed to be one hilarious ride.

In the upcoming eighth season, the Smiths are back with more off-the-wall exploits that find Steve unsuccessfully attempting touse a CIA cloning machine to create a super-hot prom date; Francine teaching Steve how to shoplift; Stan teaching Steve how to hunt deer; Roger chasing ghosts; and Francine trying to relive the Smith kids' childhood by taking a group trip to the "Familyland" theme park that ends up being anything but family-friendly. Guest voices next season include Mariah Carey, Ellie Kemper, Zooey Deschanel, Gary Busey, Thandie Newton, Mark Cuban, Cloris Leachman, Stanley Tucci, Nat Faxon and Jacki Weaver.

AMERICAN DAD is a 20th Century Fox Television production. Seth MacFarlane, Mike Barker and Matt Weitzman serve asco-creators and executive producers. Steve Callaghan also serves as an executive producer and showrunner.

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  • 20th Century Fox Television


  • Seth MacFarlane
  • Mike Barker
  • Matt Weitzman


  • Steve Callaghan


  • Seth MacFarlane as Stan Smith and Roger Smith
  • Wendy Schaal as Francine Smith
  • Rachael MacFarlane as Hayley Smith
  • Scott Grimes as Steve Smith
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Klaus