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Next Level Chef | Watch Full Episodes
Contestants begin their journey and look to make their first impressions in their respective teams.
The chefs each prepare a dish from Mexico; one contestant is eliminated.
The chefs are challenged with making an upscale sandwich; one chef is eliminated.
The chefs are challenged to make a next-level Chinese-inspired dish.
Game such as wild boar and elk must be cooked with care and attention.
Competitors use skill to cook an alcohol-based dish; one chef is eliminated.
Chefs are alarmed when they learn the ins and outs of what it takes to make a next-level fish dish.
Each person grabs a box with a flag on it and is tasked to make the country's signature dish.
The chefs must create one perfect appetizer dish and pair it with a beautiful craft cocktail.
Cheese, nuts and charcuterie meats prove difficult for the chefs to navigate.
The remaining chefs must elevate their dish by frying their entree, a process that proves difficult.
The chefs are faced with their toughest challenge yet, baking a next-level dessert.
The chefs are asked to reimagine an old classic -- surf and turf.
Each chef must select two different boxes, each representing a state and its local ingredients, and then create one inventive fusion dish.
The final three chefs must create one dish on each level in just 90 minutes; the winner is crowned.