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The contestants must punch a hole through a wall of mystery ingredients.
Fifteen chefs remain and must join together in groups to create show-stopping pizzas.
The remaining 14 junior chefs split into two teams to prepare a medieval-themed dish.
The panel challenges the remaining 13 cooks to make one of their favorite treats: doughnuts.
The remaining chefs split into two teams and create the ultimate savory and sweet balanced meal.
After facing a nutty mystery box challenge, 11 junior chefs compete in an elimination challenge.
Teams must create the best American-style dishes for a team of hungry motor sports racers.
The remaining junior chefs must create one of the most popular fried, feisty and spicy finger foods.
The eight remaining junior chefs split into teams for a bake sale challenge.
Chefs must create a dish with an egg of their choice, ranging from a quail egg to an ostrich egg.
The top six junior chefs take over the restaurant of the luxury hotel NoMad Los Angeles.
Alexander Weiss guest judges; the chefs must filet as many fish as they can in 15 minutes.
In the elimination challenge, the chefs prepare one of Gordon Ramsay's signature dishes.
The three semifinalists go head-to-head with a surprise visit from their loved ones.
Gordon Ramsay recaps some of the biggest moments of Season 8 of "MasterChef: Junior Edition."
The two finalists must create an entrée and dessert that best represent themselves.