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Next Level Chef | Watch Full Episodes
Eight social media stars battle it out on three kitchen levels for a chance at the grand prize.
The auditions continue as the home cooks fight a spot in the mentorship team draft.
The auditions conclude as the professional chefs battle for one of the coveted five spots.
The contestants must prepare an all-American smash burger that proves their cooking abilities.
The 14 remaining chefs are tasked with preparing a curry dish that promises to pack a punch.
The 13 remaining chefs prepare a seafood dish inspired by tropical island cuisine.
The chefs are tasked with preparing a next-level international street food dish.
The chefs butcher and break down various cuts of beef amongst their teams to create steak dishes.
The contestants must elevate traditional pizza into a next-level masterpiece.
The chef who prepares the best Greek entree wins immunity for their team.
The eight remaining competitors must work together in teams to create a cohesive three-course meal.
The seven remaining chefs must create Japanese-inspired dishes for their bento boxes.
The six remaining chefs are tasked with recreating a dish using just a reference photo.
The final five chefs must create a dish using a fermented drink called kombucha.
The final four chefs are tasked with showcasing one of the classic taste elements.
The final three chefs race against the clock to craft a sensational three-course meal.