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Arif Zahir

Cleveland Brown

Arif “Azerrz” Zahir, known for his iconic voice impressions, skits and hilarious gameplay videos,
is quickly becoming one of the most popular and recognizable crossover entertainers to make
the leap from digital creator to Hollywood entertainer.

In September 2020, Zahir officially joined the cast of FAMILY GUY, coming on board to voice the iconic character “Cleveland Brown.” Zahir garnered initial success through his unique and engaging YouTube content, growing to more than 6.25 million subscribers and 650 million views, and he has since evolved into a multi-talented, compassionate and dedicated entertainer, making a name for himself as a young up- and-coming artist with unparalleled skills in acting, music, theater, improv and more.

His YouTube channel focuses on voice-overs, gameplay, impressions, prank calls and skits,
and skyrocketed in popularity from his impressions of former United States President Barack
Obama, “Cleveland Brown” and Kendrick Lamar. Additionally, Zahir’s musical alias, 4RIF, has
released more than ten songs on Spotify, gaining more than 14 million listens.