Beat Shazam



Jamie Tells Angela & Trevon That Their Hips Don't Lie
After both teams choose the right song, Jamie tries to tell a joke, and it takes an unexpected turn.
Tim & Tom Get Excited For The Classic Rock Round
Tim & Tom rock it out and save themselves from being sent home.
Trey-Von Takes A Ride With A Stranger To Palm Springs
Jamie Foxx lets the contestants tell him how they met and why they like music.
Jamie Got Jokes: Jamie Foxx Quotes Jay-Z
Jamie Foxx quotes Jay-Z and cracks jokes with the contestants.
The BEAT SHAZAM Contestants Tap Into Their Inner Cartoon
Chelsea & Garrell let it all go during the "Animated Films" round of BEAT SHAZAM.
Jamie Gospel Raps With Zech & Zeph
Jamie shows off his biblical knowledge and jokes around with the contestants.
Chelsea & Garrell Break The Tie During The Fast Track Round
Chelsea & Garrell hit the ground running during the "Fast Track" round.
Donna & Avery's Story Makes Jamie Emotional
Donna & Avery talk to Jamie about creating a college fund for Donna's two adopted children.
Jamie Got Jokes: Jamie Makes Husbands Jealous
Check out some of Jamie Foxx's funniest moments from episode eleven of BEAT SHAZAM.
Anthony & Anthony Win The Round And It's As Easy As ABC
Anthony & Anthony seem to know a lot about boy bands, especially the Jackson 5!
Danielle & Brittani Are Up To Date With Today's Hits
Today's Hits is the category, and it looks like Danielle & Brittani know a little something about pop music.
Jamie Mingles With The Contestants
The contestants introduce themselves, and Jamie cracks jokes.
Nicole & Ruth Are On The Fast Track
During the Fast Track round, Nicole & Ruth take away 4000 dollars.
Jamie Got Jokes: Sin & Iniquity
Check out some of Jamie Foxx's funniest moments from episode ten of BEAT SHAZAM.
Nothing Can Stop Eric & Ryan From Winning
Eric and Ryan are quick and efficient as they continue their hot streak.
Jamie Gets His Flirt On And His Jokes On
Jamie Foxx laughs it up with the contestants and dishes out some compliments.
Mandi & Haley Have The Magic Touch
Mandi & Haley seem to have some "24K Magic” in their lives as they win the first $1000, but maybe it was just beginners luck.
Eric & Ryan Try To Hold On To Their Hot Streak
All three teams select the correct answer but which team was the fastest to collect $2000?
Jamie Got Jokes: Breaking All The Rules
Check out some of Jamie Foxx's funniest moments from episode eight of BEAT SHAZAM.
Danny & Mark Play It Cool
Contestants Danny & Mark play it cool and stack up their money during the early 2000's round of BEAT SHAZAM.
Is There "Bad Blood" Brewing?
Contestants Nikki and Kirsten try to break their losing streak during the Taylor Swift round as their competitors climb the ladder of success.
Danny & Mark Aren't Afraid To Dance
Danny and Mark are a Cuban couple from Miami that love music and love to dance.
October Takes Them To Funkytown
October plays a disco classic and gets the crowd grooving but which contestants win this close match?
Take It Back To The 70's Disco Era
The first category takes the contestants back to the 70's era with disco music.
Joesph & Van Have Their First Cash Moment
Contestants Joesph & Van jump for joy as they win their first cash moment.
Jamie Foxx Bonds With Contestants
Jamie Foxx introduces us a "hip" grandma from North Carolina, a dancing-duo, and a couple who met in the dentist office.
Sarah Dies In Michael's Arms
Contestants Michael and Sarah know their songs and how to role play as well.
Jamie Dazzles Contestant With His Dance Moves
Jamie dazzles a contestant with his dance moves during the fast track round of BEAT SHAZAM.
Jamie Got Jokes: Shazam After Dark
Check out some of Jamie Foxx's funniest moments from episode seven of BEAT SHAZAM.
Jamie Foxx Creates "Shazam After Dark"
Jamie gets to know a little more about Rachel and Alan's relationship. Needless to say, it's one for the books.