About #TVForAll

Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Month (AANHPI) is an important time to celebrate the rich cultural history of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders, and to honor their resilience and perseverance through prejudice and inequity. FOX is committed to uplifting their voices and telling their stories throughout the month of May and beyond.

More about #TVForAll

Throughout the year there are many days and months dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the contributions that different cultures and races have had on American history. FOX has actively been part of these holidays by hosting conversations regarding diversity and inclusion with the #TVForAll digital campaign.

#TVForAll is a call to do more, a push for awareness and allows FOXTV to contribute to trending topics, holidays and conversations. This unique campaign also creates a space for all voices to be heard and shared with over 4 million people across FOXTV social handles. Each campaign highlights the many facets that contribute to the strong presence and impact each community has in the entertainment industry and the world. 

#TVForAll is an ongoing campaign hitting a wide range of important days and months with engaging content, conversations and activations. Month-long campaigns include multi-layered activations highlighting history, communities, the need for increased diversity in the entertainment space and of course celebrate culture. One-off holidays focus on the important message of the day and highlight relevant talent from FOX shows.