About the Show

THAT LOOKS GOOD is the newest digital short series from FOX, and will be available on FOX’s YouTube channel and “Taste of FOX” Instagram beginning Friday, Jan. 15. The series will feature five episodes dropping monthly this year.

Inspired by the hundreds of food and beverage holidays throughout the year, THATLOOKS GOOD is here to help make sure the true meaning of the holiday does not get lost. Host Mike Johnson will celebrate select culinary holidays with viewers by sharing the history of the food and some fun facts, all while eating great meals. As the newest digital short series addition to the “Taste of FOX” channel, THAT LOOKS GOOD will deliver bite-size content that is the perfect pairing with any food holiday celebration. “Taste of FOX” is the FOX Family Kitchen Table, a place where old, new and future FOX shows gather around all things FOOD!

In the premiere episode, Mike celebrates National Bagel Day with some fun facts for viewers about the breakfast staple.

Mike Johnson is known for his time as a fan favorite on “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise.”