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Competitors include a social worker, a sign language interpreter, and a hotel bartender.
An Army veteran tries to fight her way to a life-changing, and life-saving fortune.
A social media star has a secret musical weapon that could make him the winner.
The chefs must create a stunning dish using a variety of aged and fermented ingredients.
Teams of hairdressers, twins and priests compete.
A dog groomer, a barista, an HR manager and a graduate student compete.
The chefs must create dishes that highlight their favorite nostalgic comfort foods from their youth.
On a special mother-themed episode, teams of mothers and their sons/daughters battle for the prize.
A salesman, a hospital manager, an event coordinator and an operations manager compete.
The auditions conclude as the Gen X chefs take over the kitchen; chef Christine Ha guest judges.
Teams of brothers, cousins and railroad workers battle for the prize.
Four new contestants compete.
A Nashville music lover shocks everyone in a game filled with surprise.
A Nashville music lover shocks everyone in a game filled with surprise.
Gen Z chefs prepare a signature dish.
Fathers and their sons/daughters battle to win the million-dollar prize.
A cookie-baking mom tries a new recipe to sing her way to a life-changing fortune.
The final two celebrities deliver exceptional performances before the winner is revealed.
Russo receives a terrifying warning from Sin Cara; Jorge gets news that could alter his alliances.
Ramona tries to recruit Thony into her business; the FBI organizes a plan to take down Ramona.
After Carissa's friends tell Beef he needs to be more romantic, he takes her on consecutive dates.
Tyrannis buys a magic shell; Shlub takes Deliria to a monster wedding.
The three remaining contestants battle it out for the final two spots.
Reliving the season's most exciting highlights as well as special performances from the final three.
After finding hidden cameras in her home, Thony attempts to get her family's normal life back.
Out of concern for Beef's health, the kids push him to see a doctor.
Tyrannis tasks Stupendous with tracking down a thief; Deliria and Hippocampus team up.
Homer loses his mind over tipping culture run amok.
The final three chefs race against the clock to craft a sensational three-course meal.
The final four contestants perform; one celebrity is unmasked, leaving the final three to move on.
Ramona considers an offer from Thony that causes a shift in their dynamic.
Wanting a chance at casually making out, Judy finds herself with three separate dates to handle.
Deliria loses her memory when she and Stupendous transform into geese.
Marge comes upon a surprising windfall and, angry with Homer, spends it secretly on herself.
The final four chefs are tasked with showcasing one of the classic taste elements.
Contestants perform songs that hold a special place in their hearts; two celebrities are unmasked.
As Thony starts to spiral, Fiona grows tired of her antics and goes to Russo for help.
When a blizzard snows the Tobin family in, Beef struggles to avoid cabin fever.
When Atlanteans approach Krapopolis, Shlub reveals that Hippocampus is really the king of Atlantis.