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A high school teacher puts his reputation in jeopardy when he helps a student in need.
Tina drags Bob along on a desperate quest to earn her bird-watching badge for ThunderGirls; Louise and Gene try to keep their new restaurant game a secret from Linda.
Mr. Fischoeder challenges Bob to successfully prank him on April Fool's Day.
Wolf and Honeybee's parenting skills are put to the test; Beef takes Moon on a surprise trip.
A mysterious figure from Marge's past returns to coach her for a bowling tournament.
Max hosts singer Zoey Monroe in hopes of advancing his career as a songwriter.
Competitors use skill to cook an alcohol-based dish; one chef is eliminated.
Two singers are unmasked.
A grieving mother learns that facts and evidence are no match for viral misinformation.
The 126 must rescue a father and son involved in drivers ed lesson gone haywire.
As Buck's life hangs in the balance, he dreams of a world where he never became a firefighter.
To restore his public image, Carter adopts a young girl from an orphanage.
Louise brings Tina along on a mission to find the perfect item for her last-ever show-and-tell.
Beef drives Alyson to meet a man she met online; Wolf confronts his greatest fear.
Milhouse's dad takes exception to a history lesson that paints one of his ancestors in a bad light.
Kat offers Sheila a job; Randi and Carter think about the future of their family.
Game such as wild boar and elk must be cooked with care and attention.
Three new singers enter the game and celebrate their favorite iconic DC superheroes in costume.
An acerbic female stand-up comic is assaulted by a fellow comic.
Capt. Strand and the 126 help a husband whose wife "dies" when she is not upside-down.
A country music star fantasizes about being anonymous so she can focus on finishing her next album.
A dry thunderstorm brings in a series of lightning strike emergencies for the 118.
Meg joins the basketball team; Stewie goes down a rabbit hole of conspiracies.
Tina decides she needs to be just like the coolest teens she's ever seen.
All of Lone Moose gets wrapped up in a canned sausage competition.
Marge and Homer dream of a world in which their rambunctious son was never a Simpson.
Kat tries to plan a romantic evening with Max to spice up their relationship.
The chefs are challenged to make a next-level Chinese-inspired dish.
Contestants sing a collection of songs synonymous with the history of New York.
A group of Navajo friends comes up with a plan to shut down a local uranium mine.
Capt. Strand reveals has been working with the FBI to help bring down a domestic terrorist group.
Peter is mistaken for being a single parent, and relishes in the perks that come with it.
When Louise is accused of a theft at school, Linda tries to solve the case from the inside.
Judy and Honeybee encounter a strange group; the family has to save Beef from an arranged marriage.
Carl looks into the roots of his identity by discovering the origins of a mysterious rodeo buckle.
Max receives a surprise visit from his dad for the first time in 30 years.
The chefs are challenged with making an upscale sandwich; one chef is eliminated.
Two new characters enter the competition; two are unmasked.
Drag performer Kevin falls for a closeted guy secretly living a double life.
Owen helps defend Marjan when a rescue complaint forces her to make a challenging ethical decision.