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Media mogul Skyler Samuels arrives in Austin with a proposal for Luke and the future of Monarch.
The teams recreate iconic action-packed scenes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
One contestant is eliminated and the remaining two advance to the finals.
The contestants build tall, strong and stylish castles using only regular bricks.
Two new contestants enter the competition, and two are unmasked.
Stewie finds himself in public disgrace after a popstar unleashes her fan base on him.
The Belchers go to a mini golf course on Thanksgiving morning.
Wolf and Honeybee become convinced that a mysterious stranger is actually Wolf from the future.
Kat is drained from helping Sheila run errands all over town; Carter needs a self-esteem boost.
Kelly, Barb and Barb's new boyfriend, Shrub, all attend a real estate conference together.
The chefs must make dishes with obscure ingredients using a wok; special guest Stephanie Izard.
Each team must transform a putting green into a playable mini golf hole.
The panelists roast one another as two new characters enter the competition; Drew Carey; Jon Lovitz.
Nicky, Gigi and Luke discuss what they should do about Catt; Jamie pushes Albie to finish his album.
A teenage boy is taken into Chastain for falling unconscious from a suspicious pill.
JD temporarily takes in Fiona and the kids during a time of need.
The 118 race to the rescue to a renaissance faire; an overbearing boss is poisoned.
Peter and Lois go to Vermont, where Lois is intent on breaking Bonnie's Instagram "like" record.
A virtual reality arcade opens next door, and Gene spends all of his money.
Beef and Judy tell alternate versions of a wild day; the Tobins try to read a challenging novel.
Homer goes on a road trip with Lisa that threatens to expose Homer's terrible parenting.
Carter attempts to train his son for track but realizes Randi might make a better coach.
Shrub has broken "The Cuz Code" with Kelly by dating her boss; Beth feels jealous.
The contestants must create a menu for a couple's upcoming wedding; a dinner service.
The teams put an imaginative and dynamic twist on a summer camp theme.
Nicky confronts Catt; Gigi makes a splash at a press event; Ace and Ana get closer.
Devon sees a traveling British couple who are nervous about the cost of American health care.
Flores investigates the cause of Marco's death; Thony, Arman and Garrett team to bring down Kamdar.
The team races to rescue a fading movie star who is plagued by a series of near-death experiences.
The teams have eight hours to create a pirate ship with a creative and cohesive story.
Peter makes a hologram of himself to get out of menial household duties.
Louise suspects there's something sinister afoot during a Halloween field trip to an apple orchard.
Honeybee's plans to fly home to Fresno for Halloween get ruined by a storm.
Marge's resentment takes monstrous form; Lisa tries to save the planet through murder.
Carter hosts a Halloween Octoberfest party at The Middle C, but struggles to get customers in.
A psychic at Barb's ladies spooky night influences some big changes and sparks some romance.
The teams are tasked with serving breakfast to a group of first responders, firefighters and EMTs.
The events leading up to the deadly night are revealed, leaving Albie to clean up a giant mess.
.Bell and Conrad get pulled away to tend to the ill daughter of a major hospital donor.