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Duncan starts racing stock cars to get away from his mom, but it turns out they make a great team.
Eighteen aspiring chefs from across the country, 23-years-old or younger, begin the competition.
All three remaining singers are unmasked, but only one is awarded the Golden Mask Trophy.
One team falls short and the other put their skills to the test as they guess their way to $200,000.
Owen and the members of the 126 race into action when a massive dust storm engulfs Austin.
Athena and the 118 are on high alert when a sniper is targeting members of the LAFD.
Duncan says the one thing no kid should ever say to their dad.
Tina and Bob plan a father-daughter date to see Bob's favorite vampire movie.
Duncan avoids summer school for the first time; the family goes on vacation.
A secret society of bartenders seeks vengeance on Homer and his friends.
When Jenny ignores Jesus' advice on a moral conundrum, it causes huge problems for Louise.
After Mike's beloved truck is stolen, the Baxter family and friends gather together for an emotional goodbye.
Mike teaches Kristin about work/life balance; Vanessa and Mandy school Jen on camping; Ed asks Kyle how to get into heaven.
Contestants Danny, Kya, Diego and Dalia face the mystery performers.
The final four singers sing their hearts out in the semifinals; Cluedle-Doo finally reveals himself.
The search for a serial killer known as "The Woodsman" might help the NYPD find one of its own.
Conrad and Nic welcome the arrival of their baby girl; Raptor's life begins to fall apart.
Owen helps Tommy through a personal emergency.
The members of the 118 make calls to save a bridezilla at a disastrous wedding.
The guys regale each other with stories of youthful athletic accomplishments.
Linda needs the kids' help in fighting for a fun, dumb, local tradition.
While the family prepares for Wolf and Honeybee's wedding, an unexpected guest RSVPs.
A British secret agent comes to Springfield in search of a Russian spy.
When a massive heat wave hits Greenpoint, it strains Jenny and Brenda's friendship.
Mandy gets jealous after Mike spends time with Ryan at a marketing retreat.
Contestants guess performers' hidden talents, based only on their first impressions and a few clues.
As the competition nears the finish line, the final five singers perform in the quarter-finals to see who will advance to the semi-finals.
As the search intensifies for a serial killer on the run, so does Malcolm's tenacity.
On the day of Nic's baby shower, Billie takes full control to make sure it goes smoothly.
A recovering Owen becomes the prime suspect in the serial arsonist case.
A citywide manhunt for buried treasure ensues after a famous mystery writer dies.
Brian tries to convince the Griffins that their new adopted cat is evil.
Bob, Linda and Teddy try to clean a huge bird poop off the restaurant's window.
A blizzard threatens the Tobin family game night; Beef makes a new friend in the woods.
The Harts are stuck inside on Violet's rainy spring break; Jenny gets competitive about board games.
Mike uses Chuck's injury as an excuse to get out of yoga class with Vanessa.
Contestants Deann and Erin, and Josh and Renee face the mystery performers.
The final six sing for the golden mask trophy; guest panelist Chrissy Metz.
After a terrifying incident at Claremont, Malcolm races against time to track down multiple killers.