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Featured fugitives include Maurice Nesbitt, Josephine Overaker and Frederick Arias.
Moon begins to doubt the existence of Bigfoot; Honeybee gets a surprise visitor from Fresno.
Eve struggles to connect with her nieces; Kyle worries he isn't dynamic enough in his preaching.
The chefs have 30 minutes to prep and 30 minutes to serve 40 portions of food to club-goers.
Contestants attempt to figure out the hidden talents of the mystery performers.
The remaining singers battle it out for their spot in the final eight; an unmasking.
Featured fugitives include Raymond McLeod, John and Julieanne Dimitrion, and Sam Cross.
When attendance at their church drops, the Harts plot to bring down the neighboring megachurch.
The chefs will be competing to make a unique dish with ingredients appearing along the way.
Contestants guess performers' hidden talents, based only on their first impressions and a few clues.
The members of Group B return for their second performances of the season.
Featured fugitives include Alison Gracey and Christopher Jones, Bob Tang, and Lester Eubanks.
Lois taps into her villainous side and attempts to win best customer at her favorite coffee shop.
Tina is forced to listen to Spanish audio lessons in the library to improve her grade.
It is revealed that Chief Wiggum's wife is more than she seems; Marge takes part in a jewel heist.
Jenny takes a bonding moment a little too far after Violet shows interest in learning to dance.
While Mike is away, Kristin learns what it takes to be in charge at Outdoor Man.
Kat, Randi and Oscar all try to make amends for mistakes they made.
The six remaining chefs visit Criss Angel's theater, where the coveted black jackets are revealed.
Two new teams of contestants attempt to figure out the hidden talents of mystery performers.
The members of group A return to the stage for their second performances of the season.
Elizabeth Vargas breaks down some of the toughest cases in the pursuit of justice.
Linda's new routine of diet and exercise gives her gastrointestinal trouble.
Judy asks Alyson to help her with an exciting opportunity to lead an art project at school.
A secret from Flanders' past is revealed; a never-before-seen room in the Simpson home.
Jenny spends the weekend away at a wild bachelorette party with Brenda.
Mandy and Kyle decide to have a home birth -- at Mike and Vanessa's.
Kat asks Max to help her learn how to salsa dance to impress Oscar.
The chefs compete in the inaugural Spell's Kitchen word scramble challenge and cook-off.
Contestants guess performers' hidden talents, based only on their first impressions and a few clues.
The second group of celebrities debuts another set of all-new jaw-dropping costumes.
Retired cold case investigator Paul Holes and trial lawyer Yodit Tewolde join the search.
Stewie gets a mail order bride; Peter and Chris become addicted to free hotel breakfast buffets.
When Linda and Tina go to the shoe store, Gene is accidentally left home alone.
Judy asks her crush to the most romantic dance of the school year; Beef's brother visits.
Homer tries to reunite his favorite band from his youth, but J.J. Abrams beats him to it.
Jenny and Wayne persuade Betty to get a job; Violet and David attempt to recruit a new friend.
On the eve of her birthday, Vanessa refuses to believe that she needs to slow down.
Kat offers to help her and discovers an unexpected secret about Daniel's past.