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Daphne Oz guest judges; chefs from the Northeast prepare their signature dishes.
A global supply manager from Austin, Texas, competes.
Nick Cannon guest hosts; Kelly Osbourne guest DJs; teams of mothers battle for the $1 million prize.
Diablo gets testicular implants, which leads to a surprising power struggle.
Bob hires a masseur-in-training to give Linda a massage for Mother's Day.
Beef and a the townspeople attempt to rescue all the prom-goers from a flood of rotten meat waste.
The final two contestants each perform two songs; one celebrity is crowned the Season 9 winner.
As T.K. and Carlos prepare for their wedding day, tragedy strikes.
Owen is conflicted when his brother Robert asks him for help.
A series of freeway car accidents leads to a catastrophic overpass collapse that endangers lives.
When Jill does ayahuasca and is able to communicate with animals, Honey tries to connect with her.
The kids help Mr. Frond try to get his cat out of a tree in front of the school.
Judy and Kima worry they won't find their perfect dates for prom.
Krusty opens a school for clowning, and it becomes the most successful thing he's ever done.
The final three chefs must create one dish on each level in just 90 minutes; the winner is crowned.
Each chef must select two different boxes, each representing a state and its local ingredients, and then create one inventive fusion dish.
The remaining three celebrity singers perform, but only two move on to compete in the season finale.
An aging rock star attempts to prevent his troubled son from unraveling.
Tommy and Judd disagree on protocol during a rescue at a paper mill.
Sue, Jenna and Brooklyn are the first, second and third wives of a doctor who broke their hearts.
A wedding proposal intersects with a bank robbery; Buck finds a surprise visitor on his doorstep.
Honey and Chief become status-obsessed when Jill buys them a fancy new dog mansion.
Meg gets married in Russia but returns after discovering she was used for a green card marriage.
Judy and Kima become junior members of an all-women's smokejumper crew.
When a plague shuts down Springfield, the Simpsons must spend time in lockdown with each other.
Kat accidentally gets Randi's wedding ring stuck on her finger.
The chefs are asked to reimagine an old classic -- surf and turf.
The final four compete for a spot in the semifinals, performing British Invasion-themed songs.
A teenager takes extreme measures to discover the identity of her biological father.
Grace and Carlos suspect a young woman was a victim of a black market organ trafficking ring.
Roarke is worried that Ruby is becoming more and more distant and enlists Javier to help.
The team must help a woman whose nightmare dream suddenly becomes a painful reality.
Lois reverts to her tormented teenage self when Quagmire starts dating her high school bully.
Bob tells the story behind an old, broken radio that used to belong to his grandmother.
The citizens of Lone Moose celebrate the Rear Gifts Festival; Ham attempts to make a new friend.
Marge is seduced by the money and prestige of big charity fundraising.
To take her mind off their breakup, Kat attends a cat show with Sheila and Randi.
The chefs are faced with their toughest challenge yet, baking a next-level dessert.
Mantis, Gargoyle and Medusa compete for their spot in the quarterfinals.