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Nicky makes a bold decision as she races to find a new song to perform at the Roman Family Rodeo.
Nicky learns of Clive's affair and is determined to turn the tables on him.
Thony must help Arman by meeting with Nadia's gregarious and charming ex-lover.
The 118 race to the rescue when a structure collapses at a convention.
The Griffins perform a retelling of "Silence of the Lambs," "American Beauty" and "Forrest Gump."
The Belchers help Mr. Fischoeder put on a play to get his brother Felix to confess to a theft.
Honeybee and Wolf discover an Outback-themed restaurant they can't stop going to.
After Homer humiliates himself in a town meeting, he looks for acceptance in an internet group.
Teams are introduced and tasked with a space-themed challenge...building personalized spaceships.
Four celebrities perform, with only one contestant moving on to the next week.
The Romans rally together after tragedy strikes; Nicky and Gigi grow even more competitive.
When Padma's pregnancy takes a dangerous turn, the doctors come together to find a solution.
Thony is desperately trying to find her son, Luca, after he is kidnapped by his father, Marco.
A blimp suffers mechanical failure; Bobby and Athena discuss honeymoon plans.
The three remaining chefs must complete their final entree and whip up a gourmet dessert.
A U.S. Marine single mom continues her march to $1 million; a nurse with a karaoke superpower.
The heir to a country music dynasty fights to protect her family's legacy.
The top three chefs have made it to the finals and are one challenge away from being crowned the "MasterChef" champion; each chef has to prepare an appetizer and entrée in front of a live audience with the support of former judge Graham Elliot.
The top five chefs are faced with two separate elimination challenges in the semifinals: a baked Alaska and an intricate lobster tortellini.
Former NFL cheerleaders face off against flight attendants and a grandmother-granddaughter duo.
Two single moms, a school bus driver and a U.S. Marine try to sing their way to $1 million.
The chefs must take over chef Wolfgang Puck's kitchen at Spago restaurant in Los Angeles.
The top eight chefs are paired together and must communicate on opposite sides of a wall to create identical dishes.
Three teams of best friends compete.
A high school teacher and a mom from Las Vegas try to sing their way to $1 million.
Longtime besties, golf buddies and a team of acrobatic aerialists hope to crush Shazam's challenge.
Three teams of educators try to ace a $1 million music test.
A mother of two and a sassy server channel their inner icons for a shot at $1 million.
Teams of ghost hunters, security guards and married high school sweethearts compete.
A grocery worker tries to sing his way to some serious cheddar.
Duncan gets a job and starts contributing to the household budget; Jack wants to impress his dad.
Jack takes over a music store from his old friend Ronnie; Duncan learns how to be a sign spinner.
Yangzi becomes addicted to his new phone; Kimberly discovers secrets about the town's residents.
Duncan and his friend fight over Duncan's neck brace to get out of gym.
Duncan sees Annie naked and visits a hypnotist to erase the memories; Jack throws big deck parties.
When Kelly's father puts her in charge of the Flatch Christmas celebration, disaster ensues.
Kelly accidentally gets involved in a green juice pyramid scheme; Father Joe helps Shrub get into college.
Four new contestants compete; players must name a series of tunes from the movies.
Peter attends a business conference; Stewie helps Chris prepare for his role in "Romeo and Juliet."