Mask Porcupine The Masked Singer


Porcupine appears in Season Five of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesdays 8/7c on FOX.


Porcupine, or Robopine, is one part prickly, one part cuddly, and one part robot. Robopine is very tall with bronze armor. Just be careful around those sharp quills.

Who Is Porcupine aka Robopine?

Clue 1 (Week 1)

Scanning. Scanning. Oh—hello there. I may look prickly, but don't be scared. Where I came from, I was forced to grow thick quills. I was left to fend for myself, with nothing but a dream. So, I went on a mission to get onto Hollywood's radar. I used 411 day and night just to make a connection, until a certain angel said hello. That random call changed everything. Now I'm on my next mission, and when I have my sights set on something, nobody can touch me.

Visual clues: soda can, lock and key, DNA, and George Washington

Clue 2 (Week 3)

My first performance made every quill on my back stand up. I have been in a funk lately, but putting on this prickly, shiny armor and singing my heart out was exactly what I needed. I felt like a singing superhero! Sixty years ago, as a tiny piney in Costa Rica, my superheroes were the workers whose job it was to keep my streets clean. They had my dream job, but my life took me on a different route. To this day, when I see them working, I like to pull over and lend a claw. They always say, “Why would a shiny porcupine like you want get your quills dirty with us?” I tell them they are the true superheroes who inspired the work ethic I have carried my whole life, which has gotten me on big stages just like this.

Visual clues: trash, storms, police sirens, cat and mouse, and throne


Judges' Guesses

 Jamie Foxx, Lionel Richie, Ginuwine, Wesley Snipes, Jason Derulo