Mask Chameleon The Masked Singer


Chameleon appears in Season Five of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesdays 8/7c on FOX.


Chameleon has emerald green skin and blue eyes with sparkly gold stars. Chameleon wears a dazzling jumpsuit with red-and-green glitter, red-and-blue-feathered fringe, sparkly stars, and a gold belt paired with silver glitter platforms.

Who Is Chameleon?

Clue Package 1 (Week 2):

Ready for a wild ride? Because I'm one in cha-million. Unlike most of my fellow chams, I don't just blend in. I put the tech in technicolor. It was all because of my pops who always taught me to keep up with the times. He encouraged me to tinker with every gizmo and gadget around, even with some wild creations. Years later, when my career almost tanked, and I felt totally lost. Wow, wow, I leaned back on what he taught me. I used those tech-savvy skills from my childhood to amplify my career and change the game. And now I'm here to change this game. Trust me. I won't be blending in. Let's jam.

Visual Clues: Motorcycle, red car dice, computers and technical gadgets, turntables, IT book, “007,” and old video games


Judges' Guesses

Dwight Howard, Redfoo, Nick Cannon