The Cleaning Lady

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The cast of The Cleaning Lady reveals all about what everyone is like on set.
Love is in the air and there is definitely chemistry between Thony (Élodie Yung) and Arman (Adam Canto). Nadia (Eva De Dominici) senses something going on between the two and is loosing trust in Arman, enter Robert (Naveen Andrews) who has eyes on Nadia.
Naveen Andrews explains in-depth Robert's character and what he offers to the series.
Take a look back at the journey Arman has gone through and his character development.
After Arman has been out for a week, someone helps him out however he is confused where he is and what to do next.
Arman calls Thony after someone tried to blow up his car and updates her on how she can make it back to the USA.
Thony and Marco talk about the options they have to help their son as he only has weeks left. They consider going to Mexico to get a cheaper transplant done. However, Thony has a better idea.
Arman wants to help Thony's son and pay for his medical bills however her husband Marco believes Arman wants something in return and a fight between them almost breaks out.
Thony tries to get help for Gabby's finger but the ICE officers ignore her and now she decides to pop it back into place herself.