Name That Tune

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Contestant Becky auditioned for American Idol but didn't make it through to the judges. But now she can finally sing for Randy!
Tom makes a comeback by buzzing in for this Nicki Minaj tune.
Howie makes a comeback with this Bruno Mars tune.
Nick buzzes in to name this Barry Manilow tune.
Tom and Nick disappoint Jane by not knowing this tune right away.
Tim has 4 seconds on the clock and everything at stake. Will he win the Golden Medley?
Winston and Tim play Bid-A-Note for this iconic romantic ballad.
Now we've got a competition.
Winston dances The Tango Jane.
Herschel must be a Pink fan. So what?
Contestants Stephanie and Herschel both know this tune, but only one of them says the correct name of the song.
Herschel and Stephanie play Bid-A-Note and try to name this 1979 classic.
Asabi finds herself stumped in this round of Bid-A-Note.
It might be the final countdown for David in this Bid-A-Note round.
This pop tune gets a punk rock remix.
The contestants guess some tunes from Jane's party playlist.
Is this Name That Tune's biggest comeback yet?