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16 Chefs Compete, Pt.1

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Aired: 4/2/13

The Blue Team hopes to turn last night's win into a streak as they take on their next test - a "match the protein" challenge. Each team is given five dishes and must correctly identify the protein source used. The team to name all five in the least amount of time wins.

The Blue Team's Jon and Michael are the first pair up. They incorrectly state that the meatballs are made of lamb. It takes them nine guesses and over four and a half minutes to finally figure out that the meatballs are turkey.

Dan and Zack identify chicken tacos in one try, but Barret and Jeremy blow through four attempts before they need to have their teammates scream out that their protein is duck. Anthony and Ray name the veal in one guess. Jon and Michael hope to redeem themselves, but it takes three tries to identify the swordfish. Ultimately, the men complete the task in ten minutes and 33 seconds.

The women feel confident they can beat that time. Ja'Nel and Jacqueline identify the turkey in one try, and Cyndi and Susan also only take one guess for the chicken. Next up, Nedra and Jessica stumble on the enchilada, taking 12 tries to finally pick duck, but Amanda and Mary get the veal on the first attempt. And while Jacqueline and Ja'Nel need four guesses to identify the swordfish, the Red Team still manages to win the challenge.

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