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Hell's Kitchen

foxTomorrow | 11:00 PM

Hell’s Kitchen Season 18 Fantasy League

Basic Instructions 

1. Choose a Commissioner to keep track of points. You can have as many people join your league as you want.

2. Choose your team. Your first pick is the contestant you think will make Head Chef. If that contestant makes Head Chef, you’ll get extra points at the end. Every week, you’ll choose 3 contestants who will count toward your score that week.

3. Person with the highest total points at the end of the season is the winner.

Make your picks 

- Head Chef *

*Think of your Head Chef as the frontrunner. You win extra points if this person wins the season. You can only choose the first week. 

- Contestant 1 *

*The team members can be any contestants or Gordon Ramsay. The order of any players besides the Head Chef has no impact on your score.

- Contestant 2

- Contestant 3

Episode 9 Scoring:

Positive Points

+ 10 Points

  • Contestant’s team wins challenge
  • Contestant answers phone
  • Gordon tells contestant to “Get out!”
  • Contestant wins against opponent in the challenge 

+ 15 Points

  • Gordon tells contestant to “F*** off.”
  • Contestant gets complimented by Gordon
  • Contestant takes a private jet

+ 20 Points

  • Contestant fights with another contestant
  • Gordon Ramsay throws a piece of food

+ 25 Points

  • Contestant team must fix other team’s mistakes
  • Contestant team wins Dinner Service.

Negative Points 

- 10 Points

  • Contestant’s team loses challenge.
  • Contestant scores lower than opponent in the challenge.
  • Gordon Ramsay yells: “Get it together!” 

- 15 Points

  • A contestant talks negatively about other contestant to the camera.
  • Contestant’s team serves entrees late during Dinner Service
  • Contestant makes a mistake in the kitchen
  • Contestant says they’re best on the meat station 

- 20 Points

  • Gordon Ramsay yells at contestant team
  • Gordon Ramsay throws out contestant’s dish
  • Contestant’s dish is raw
  • Contestant is up for elimination

- 25 Points

  • Contestant is eliminated from the competition.