HouseBroken Full Episodes
Honey has a wild night out with Coyote, but in the light of day, she has a change of heart.
Honey is excited about mentoring the neighbor's puppy; Shel looks forward to being alone with Darla.
Jill's mother is in town and her sociopathic parrot torments Honey.
When Coyote asks Honey to run away with him to Altadena, she agonizes over the decision.
After Chief eats Jill's vibrator, he goes to the vet and ends up getting his own therapy group.
The guys engage in a wild bachelor party organized by Raccoon.
On July 4th, Honey loses herself in an epic game of frisbee with a new best friend.
Honey and Chief go on vacation; Elsa runs group and has to deal with some unexpected developments.
Honey invites a raccoon to join the group, but his wild nature causes mayhem.
Honey refuses to go outside after the groomer gives her a humiliating new haircut.
Honey the poodle is thrown into a dog mid-life crisis after the death of her friend.