HouseBroken Full Episodes
When Honey and Chief are sent to a herding camp, Honey's competitive spirit gets out of control.
Honey struggles with a lack of trust when someone starts revealing secrets.
The Gray One fights for his human's affection in a Bachelorette-style reality competition.
Honey runs into an ex-patient and is shocked to see where her advice led him.
Honey discovers she is a conduit between the living and the dead.
On her birthday, Honey is forced to deal with her resentful siblings and delusional mother.
When Jill is forced to put a shock collar on Chief, he assumes the zaps are messages from God.
Honey and Chief are sedated by Jill to calm their nerves during fireworks.
Chief befriends a canine daredevil; Diablo makes some fancy new friends.
A wildfire forces the animals to stay at an elementary school evacuation center.
A new playmate upends Honey and Chief's relationship; Tabitha helps Chico find a gift for Kevin.
After Honey loses a clutch of baby possums she is supposed to be caring for, she and The Gray One set out to find them; Shel and Nibbles try to apprehend a critter that has been pooping on Shel's shell at night; Diablo gets abducted by an owl.
Diablo gets testicular implants, which leads to a surprising power struggle.
When Jill does ayahuasca and is able to communicate with animals, Honey tries to connect with her.
Honey and Chief become status-obsessed when Jill buys them a fancy new dog mansion.
When Honey attempts to cure Diablo's fear of basement monsters, she puts the group in jeopardy.
When Chief joins a walking group, a beautiful dog named Ruby tries to get close to him.
Honey and Chief team up with Raccoon to protect the family home when an intruder tries to break in.