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The guys compare pee streams and Randi tells Kat that she is struggling to figure out why Daniel is so trusting.
Kat enjoys her early birthday present from her mother. Sheila lets her know that a cemetery plot just became available next to hers.
Sheila really wants a grandchild, but Kat isn't completely certain that's what she wants yet.
Kat tells Phil that a customer wants him to make his lemon chiffon cake for their wedding. But Phil knows the customer a little too well.
Kat and Sheila's couples therapy appointment gets interesting.
The gang talks about their experiences with therapy, suggesting Kat try it.
Phil tells Kat about his mother's issues.
Phil eats one of his mother's special sticky buns.
Kat doesn't like how people put her in a metaphorical box, when they hear she likes cats.