John Roberts

Linda Belcher
In addition to his work on BOB’S BURGERS, Emmy Award nominee John Roberts has appeared several times on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,” “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” “Comedy Bang! Bang!,” “Archer” and “The Awesomes.” He has toured nationally with “Bob's Burgers Live” and has performed on two international tours with Margaret Cho, as well as in her cable special. Roberts also wrote and sang with Blondie on their critically acclaimed album, “Pollinator.” Roberts first gained attention as one of the standout performer/writers on YouTube. His first viral video, “The Christmas Tree,” was hailed as an instant comedy classic. It was nominated for a broadband Emmy Award and was featured on countless other blogs and websites. The follow up, “Jackie & Debra,” won the Comedy Smalls Award in London and has a huge cult following, both young and old. He has over 20 million hits on YouTube. His first music EP, produced by Big Black Delta and Babydaddy from Scissor Sisters, was released in July of 2019.