FBC Advertiser Guidelines

The Fox Broadcasting Company (FBC) sells commercial announcement time for the advertising of goods and services and for institutional advertising.

Advertising is an important element of the information presented to broadcast audiences. FBC recognizes that advertising must be truthful, appropriate and meet all Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and legal requirements. Further, advertisers warrant that all commercials submitted to FBC for review and approval are in adherence with any and all applicable regulatory requirements. To that end, these guidelines relating to the acceptability of advertising on FBC have been compiled.

It should be emphasized that the guidelines which follow are intended to provide guidance. They are neither all-inclusive nor exhaustive, and in some instances may be more restrictive than the federal guidelines. Moreover, it is recognized that these guidelines will change over time as the broadcast media, and the society which they serve, continue to evolve. Given that these guidelines are general in nature and may change without notice, they are not intended as a substitute for continuing dialogue with FBC Broadcast Standards personnel. Accordingly, FBC cannot be responsible for production decisions made or other actions taken in reliance solely on the content of particular guidelines herein. As in the past, the acceptability of a commercial announcement depends on an individual examination of the particular commercial. The rights and obligations of FBC and the advertiser are reflected in their agreement governing the purchase of time for the broadcast of commercial announcements.

Download: FOX Advertising Guidelines

Download: Commercial Clearance Assignment and Contact List

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