Clips & Extras

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have nothing on Turtles IRL.
What happens when Eleven turns 12? Find out when the kids from Stranger Things, hit puberty.
The Lovebots and the Romanticons battle by showing their undying love for each other.
King Kong: Skull Island as told by Science-Tifically Accurate scientists!
Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, and Animal all live in a Nursing Home, but that doesn't stop their wild imaginations.
HBO's new show has everything: Cowboys, Robots, Sex, Mysteries, and Kanye West.
Sometimes, Wolverine wakes up and can't get his claws to go down.
Goku gets super pissed when his friends forget his birthday.
We know you were having Dora the Grownup withdrawals. Here's your fix.
The Assassin's Creed is that Nothing is True, Everything is Christmas. Santa Claus fights the naughty to serve the nice.
Scooby Doo and the gang finally discover what's really under that mask!
The Dark Knight wouldn't last a day in real life.
God visits a small village and performs several miracles, before inviting his Dad along.
You can't have a party without your best friend, Patty Cake!
Discover the origins of your favorite talking train!
The Punk Rock Karate Rabbits have traveled all the way from Jupiter into this parody of Saturday Morning Cartoons lineup!
George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin (also known as the Framers of the Constitution), fight for liberty and justice for all in this brand new American Anime!
Bugs Bunny educates Elmer Fudd and Daffy Duck on the nuances of making Foie Gras.
Hulk has an incredible Halloween night.
LAST YEAR SUCCCCCKKKEED. This year may not be any better. But we've made the cutest video of all time to help.
A touching film about love and loss...of a blow up doll.
Skeletor orders a pizza from a mindless, good-for-nothing moron. So this is what he does when He-Man isn't around.
I made a rope by weaving strips of various plants together to form the sling. Next, I found several small rocks in the dirt to use as the projectile.
Matthew McConaughey's pig, McConaughog, has some positive messages for everyone. Remember: JKP - Just Keep Piggin.
Does Johnny Bravo have a job? If he does, there's no way he works in an office. Sexual harassment, much?
Elmer Fudd is pretty emo right now. It might be a phase or he might just be realizing that life is "meaningwess." At least he got Bugs Bunny?
Christian Grey gets into something a little... furrier.
Dora the Explorer is all grown up now and she can do anything because she is a grownup!
Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time... that has a lot of mansplaining. Not cool!