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Krapopolis Full Episodes
Tyrannis buys a magic shell; Shlub takes Deliria to a monster wedding.
Tyrannis tasks Stupendous with tracking down a thief; Deliria and Hippocampus team up.
Deliria loses her memory when she and Stupendous transform into geese.
When Atlanteans approach Krapopolis, Shlub reveals that Hippocampus is really the king of Atlantis.
A plague of Muses descends upon Krapopolis; Deliria struggles to endure Shlub's centennial molting.
Nymph Daphne and Tyrannis arrange a meeting to negotiate peace between the city and the forest.
Krapopolis residents start moving to the wilderness to get away from the excess poop problem.
Tyrannis learns that a solar eclipse is not a cruel punishment by Zeus, but a natural occurrence.
Deliria and Tyrannis attend an exclusive island retreat hosted by the goddess Hestia.
Hippocampus and Stupendous train a group of town-children and accidentally create an apex predator.
Tyrannis and Deliria search for a dragon that is causing a plague.
With Tyrannis' support, Hippocampus overcomes his imposter syndrome.
Tyrannis invites a suicidal Hydra to come live with him and his family.
When Tyrannis is possessed by his deceased grandfather who rules with fear and a large scorpion tail, Shlub must fight to bring back the old Tyrannis.
Deliria wreaks havoc on Stupendous' secret quest, only to end up in trouble with a titan.
Hippocampus goes to a science convention where he is finally appreciated for his intellect.
Stupendous and Hippocampus go to Hades to retrieve Stupendous' shield from a fallen foe.
Tyrannis becomes the life of a party in the woods, summoning the god Dionysus.
Tyrannis creates a court system to absolve Shlub of a goat eating crime he didn't commit.
Tyrannis and Hippocampus release the only god they like, Prometheus, from his eternity on the rock.
Hippocampus, Stupendous, and Schlub fight and then befriend a species of wolves.
Tyrannis hosts other kings for a series of games in Krapopolis, where Stupendous shines.
When Asskill threatens to attack Krapopolis, Tyrannis tries to use diplomacy to stop him.