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Preview: What's Your Emergency?
9-1-1 will return for a new season only on FOX!
Rescue Recap: A Whole New You
Season one of 9-1-1 comes to emotional end with surprise twists.
Buck Gets Approached For Ghosting
Buck gets approached for ghosting on a date with a young lady.
Buck Discovers Abby Was An Olympic Swimmer
Buck discovers Abby was an Olympic swimmer from an old news article.
First Responders Arrive On The Scene For A Domestic Incident
First responders arrive on the scene for a domestic incident between a couple.
Athena Comforts Bobby
Athena comforts Bobby after a tough day on the job.
Preview: I Need You
Don't miss a minute of the heart pounding 9-1-1 season finale next WED at 9/8c only on FOX!
Abby's Mother Slaps Her
Abby's mother slaps her before the leaves she house.
First Responders Search For Someone In A Dumpster
First responders search for someone that fell asleep in a dumpster.
Athena Calls 911 To Get In Contact With Abby For Help
Athena calls 911 to speak with Abby for help after she handcuffs herself to a bed.
Rescue Recap: Karma's A Bitch
Recapping the big character moments from episode 8 of Fox’s 9-1-1.
Bobby: Everyone Needs Help
A look at the character Bobby (played by Peter Krause) and his troubled backstory.
First Responders Arrive To A Man Burning In A Tanning Bed
First responders arrive to man burning in a tanning bed.
A Man Calls Abby About A Tiger On The Loose
A man at the zoo makes call to Abby about a tiger on the loose.
The Grants Discuss Their New Normal
The Grants discuss their new normal and the future.
The Fire Station Host A Blood Drive
The fire station host a blood drive for the community.
Rescue Recap: Creepy AF
A recap of the big character moments and exciting action of episode seven of Fox’s 9-1-1.
First Responders Save An Elderly Woman
The first responders save an elderly woman from a panic attack
Bobby & Buck Respond To A Pregnant Yoga Class
Bobby and Buck respond to a pregnant yoga class to help multiple women.
Abby Takes The Call Of A Home Invasion
Abby takes the call of a woman during a home invasion.
Relentlessly Compassionate: Hen
Aisha Hinds provides perspective on her character "Hen," an LAFD paramedic on 9-1-1.
Emergency Recap
Catch up on everything you've missed on Fox's new hit drama 9-1-1.
After Show: First Six Recap
Executive producer Alexis Woodall sits down with director/executive producer Brad Buecker & Oliver Stark to recap the first six episodes of 9-1-1 on FOX.
Rescue Recap: Heartbreaker
Check out a recap of all the rescues from episode six of 9-1-1.
Buck & Abby Go On A Date
Buck takes Abby out on a date to a nice restaurant.
Officer Grant Responds To A Noise Complaint
Officer Grant responds to a noise complaint after a girl has a fight with her boyfriend.
Abby Meets Everyone At The Firehouse
Abby meets everyone at the firehouse and they mention Buck taking her on a date.
Responders Arrive At The Golf Course
Responders arrive at the golf course where a plane makes an emergency landing.
After Show: Heartbreaker
Oliver Stark ("Buck") discusses Episode 6 of 9-1-1 with executive producer/director Bradley Buecker and executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall.
Rescue Recap: Point Of Origin
Check out a recap of all the rescues from episode five of 9-1-1.
Rescue Recap: Worst Day Ever
Check out a recap of all the rescues from episode four of 9-1-1.
Bobby Arrives Home To Be With His Family
Bobby arrives home after a long day at work to be with his family.
Buck Offers To Help Abby Find Her Mother
Buck offers to help Abby find her mother that has been missing.
Officer Grant & Hen Have A Drink
Officer Grant and Hen have a drink and talk about work and personal matters.
First Responders Arrive To The Collapsed Floor
First responders arrive to a collapsed floor during a wedding.
After Show: Point Of Origin
Co-creator and executive producer Tim Minear discusses the fifth episode of 9-1-1 with executive producer Bradley Buecker and Oliver Stark (“Buck”).
Officer Grant Responds To A Duct Taped Passenger On A Plane
Officer Grant responds to a duct taped passenger on a plane and a someone recorded the complaint.
Responders Go Into The Water To Save The Plane Crash Victims
First responders go into the water to save the victims of a plane crash.
Abby Receives A Call From A Man On A Flight That's About To Crash
Abby receives a call from a man on flight that's about to crash so he asks her to relay a message for his pregnant wife.
Shock Of The Week: Car Accident
Check out the shock of the week from episode three of the FOX series, 9-1-1.
First Look: 9-1-1
A new drama exploring the high-pressure experiences of police, paramedics and firefighters who are thrust into the most heart-stopping situations.
After Show: Worst Day Ever
Co-creator and executive producer Tim Minear sits down with producer and director Bradley Buecker and star, Buck to discuss the fourth episode of 9-1-1.
Rescue Recap: Next of Kin
Check out a recap of all the rescues from episode three of 9-1-1.
After Show: Next Of Kin
Executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall sits down with co-creator and executive producer Tim Minear tp discuss episode 3 of FOX's drama, 9-1-1.
Abby's Brother Makes Plans Behind Her Back
Abby's brother makes plans behind her back to send their mother to a group home.
Rescue Recap: Let Go
Check out a recap of all the rescues from episode two of 9-1-1.
The Firefighters Arrive At The Scene & Devise A Plan
Firefighters arrive to the bouncy house scene and devise a plan.
The Grants Are Emotional At The Hospital
The Grants are emotional at the hospital and Athena vows to take care of the family.
After Show: Let Go
Executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall sits down with co-creator and executive producer Tim Minear and discuss the second episode of 9-1-1.
Rescue Recap: Pilot
Check out a recap of all the rescues from the pilot episode of 9-1-1.
Bobby Shares A Personal Story With Buck
Buck asks Bobby about the first person he ever lost while on the job.
Hen & Athena Discuss Athena's Marriage
Hen and Athena discuss the state of Athena’s marriage.
Buck & Athena Make Amends
The firehouse have dinner following the roller-coaster event and Buck and Athena make up.
Abby & The Nurse Discuss Dating
Abby and the nurse discuss dating while Buck is on the news.
After Show: Pilot
Executive producer Alexis Martin Woodall sits down with co-creator and executive producer Tim Minear and discuss the exciting premiere of 9-1-1.
Sneak Peek: Understanding The Lives Of Emergency Responders
The cast and crew of FOX's new first responder drama, 9-1-1, provide an in depth look at the exciting new series.
Buck Shows Up Late To The Firehouse Dinner
Buck shows up late to the firehouse dinner and Bobby calls him out.
Athena's Kids Ask If She Is Getting A Divorce
Athena and her family arrive for breakfast and her kids ask if she is getting a divorce.
Someone Calls Abby For An Emergency Over Nuggets
Someone calls in for an emergency over nuggets she received at a restaurant.
Abby Tries To Find Lily's Location
Abby gets a call from a little girl named Lily and tries to find her location.
Athena Gets Upset With Evan
Athena gets upset with Evan at the fire station.
Chimney Talks About A Girl He Recently Met
Chimney tells everyone about a girl he recently met through a dating site.
Firefighter Public Service Announcement
Cast members from the series 9-1-1 would like to send a message to the brave firefighters and first responders.
Thanks To Our First Responders
The cast of 9-1-1 offers their sincere thanks to the real life heroes; the first responders who protect and serve us every day.
In Production: Behind The Scenes
The cast of 9-1-1 provides a behind the scenes look from set in Los Angeles.
9-1-1 In 30 Seconds: Taking In All Of The Action
The cast of FOX's new drama, 9-1-1, discuss the action to come in under 30 seconds.
What's Your Emergency?
Catch the series premiere of 911, starting JAN 2018 on FOX!