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Aired Sep 14 2015Episode 17

Season 12 comes down to one moment for both Team Stage and Team Street as America's Favorite Dancer is chosen.

Aired Sep 7 2015Episode 16

The four remaining Stage and Street dancers perform for the last time in hopes of becoming America’s Favorite Dancer.

Aired Aug 31 2015Episode 15

The competition gets fierce as the final four dancers are revealed.

Aired Aug 24 2015Episode 14

Each dancer is put to the test as the competition gets more intense!

Aired Aug 17 2015Episode 13

The Top 10 fight for their spots on Teams Stage and Street!

Aired Aug 10 2015Episode 12

America has spoken! In a double elimination, four of the Top 14 Stage and Street dancers will have to say goodbye.

Aired Aug 3 2015Episode 11

America has spoken! The Top 16 will perform live and two dancers will have to say goodbye.

Aired Jul 27 2015Episode 10

America has spoken! The Top 18 will perform live and two dancers will have to say goodbye.

Aired Jul 21 2015Episode 9

This one-time-only special features live performances by some of the series’ favorite dancers and choreographers from the last ten years.

Aired Jul 20 2015Episode 8

The first votes of the season are in! Find out which Stage and Street dancers won the hearts of America.

Aired Jul 13 2015Episode 7

Tune in to watch the Top 20 give it everything they've got in the first live show of the season!

Aired Jul 6 2015Episode 6

Watch as the judges handpick the 10 Stage dancers and the 10 Street dancers who have what it takes to make it through the last round of callbacks.

Aired Jun 29 2015Episode 5

The judges have searched the nation for the best of the best, and now Stage and Street hopefuls head to Vegas for the first round of callbacks.

Aired Jun 22 2015Episode 4

Auditions conclude in New York as the judges search the country for the next dancer to take the crown as America’s Favorite!

Aired Jun 15 2015Episode 3

DANCE takes on the city of Angels in hopes of finding some big talent!

Season 12

Aired Sep 14 2015
Episode 17
Aired Sep 7 2015
Episode 16
Aired Aug 31 2015
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Aired Aug 24 2015
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