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Top 16 Compete, Pt.1

Top 16 Compete, Pt.1

Aired: 6/12/13

The 16 remaining home cooks are at the iconic City Hall in Pasadena, California, where they are about to face another MasterChef team challenge. The judges - Chefs Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay - tell them that they are at the location because they will be serving lunch to 101 off-duty firefighters.

Each group must create a dish that showcases a ten-ounce New York strip steak and two side dishes using ingredients from Walmart. They also must prepare a delicious sauce to accompany their meals.

Since Bethy and Bime were judged to have the best dishes in the last challenge, they are in charge of picking the teams. Bethy selects Lynn, Jessie, James, Howard, Jonny, Savannah and Krissi to don Blue aprons. Bime chooses Jordan, Eddie, Luca, Natasha, Bri, Beth, and is left with Kathy to round out the Red group.

Because Bethy had the best cupcakes, she is given the opportunity to swap one member of her lineup for one of Bime's. She trades Krissi for Eddie.

With 90 minutes on the clock, Bime's crew has unanimously decided to pair their steak with sautéed mushrooms, a cauliflower puree and a simple reduction sauce. In the meantime, Bethy is making all of the choices for her troop. They are preparing potatoes with red peppers and either a chimichurri or a balsamic reduction sauce to serve with their meat. James starts cooking both.

The Blue Team immediately starts to put a rub on their steaks. Despite Gordon's advice to the contrary, the other group decides to rely on their sauce for flavor.

As the firefighters head to lunch, Gordon is also concerned that the Blue Team hasn't seared a single steak. With their meat cooking, Bethy finally decides to go with the chimichurri sauce.

After all 101 firefighters are seated, they are each served a steak from both teams and will vote for the dish they like best. The Blue Team sends out plates quickly but inconsistently. The Red Team starts to fall apart because of bickering, but Bime manages to keep his group in line. Still, when the votes are cast, the Blue Team is declared the winner.

The next day, the Red Team faces the Pressure Test. Team captain Bime is told that he is automatically safe from elimination. He selects Jordan, whose work cooking steaks was exemplary, to cook alongside of him.

The remaining contestants must go head-to-head to make Eggs Benedict. They all have the same ingredients but just enough to make one complete portion in 30 minutes.

Soon troubles abound. With seven minutes to go, Luca's water isn't boiling, and Krissi has problems with her hollandaise sauce. In the meantime, Beth and Natasha both feel confident.

When time is up, Kathy is the first to serve her dish. Her eggs are cooked perfectly but there isn't enough sauce. Unfortunately, Luca's egg is undercooked, and Natasha's hollandaise has turned to mayonnaise because she has added too much vinegar. Worst yet, Gordon tells Beth her dish looks like "Eggs Vomit."

Although she's never made the dish before, Bri's Eggs Benedict is dubbed "pretty near perfect." Surprisingly, Krissi has managed to salvage her sauce and impress Joe.

After deliberating, the judges declare that Krissi and Bri have made the best Eggs Benedict and are safe. Since none of the remaining four nailed the challenge, Gordon tells them they all will be leaving the kitchen and moving into a greater challenge. There it will be decided who will leave the competition for good.

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