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Top 18 Compete

Top 18 Compete

Aired: 6/5/13

It's an early start for the 18 remaining home cooks as they go on a yellow bus ride to their very first team challenge. The teams arrive at Emperor Elementary School as the students begin their morning studies. The contestants are about to get a lesson of their own.

Judges Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay explain that they are to provide a healthy, nutritious lunch to over 300 children. Each team has an hour and 45 minutes to prepare one entree and a dessert, and 90 minutes to serve the students. The food must be not only healthy and nutritious but also delicious, because the kids are the judges.

Since Jessie and Jordan were judged to have the best dishes in the last elimination test, they will be team captains. Jessie selects Lynn, Bethy, Beth, Bime, Natasha, Bri, Luca and Malcolm for the Red Team. Jordan chooses Savannah, James, Eddie, Jonny, Krissi, Adriana and Howard. Since no one picked Kathy, she dons a blue apron to round out Jordan's group.

Despite some objections, Red Team captain Jessie decides to go with chicken teriyaki, corn, rice and a strawberry crumble for dessert. The Blue Team goes in a more conventional direction, making pasta and turkey meatballs with green beans and an apple crisp.

Almost an hour into the challenge, the Blue Team is still trying to properly season their meatballs, and it looks like they may not get them done on time. The Red Team has already started to make their chicken, but the judges are concerned that the meat isn't being cooked properly.

With half an hour left, the Blue Team decides to change their game plan and make a meat sauce. In the meantime, Gordon suggests that the Red Team add pineapple juice to sweeten their salty sauce.

As a sea of kids floods the playground, both teams must serve all 300 children, who will then vote for their favorite. During lunch, Joe heads out to see whose dish is getting the best grades. He is surprised that the kids like the chicken but also finds that they like the pasta, too.

When the meal winds down, the Blue Team has successfully served all the students, but Jessie's group has missed several plates. In the end the judges favor the Red Team's menu, and the kids agree, giving them 58% of the votes.

The next day, the Blue Team enters the MasterChef kitchen for a Pressure Test, which will result in at least one of them going home. Gordon announces that only six of the contestants will compete in the pressure test. Jordan sends Howard, James and himself to the gallery to watch along with the Red Team.

The remaining home cooks learn that they must prepare a true American classic - cheesecake. They all have identical ingredients and access to a limited pantry to make their dessert stand out from the pack.

With 90 minutes on the clock, the judges feel that Krissi and Savannah will shine because of their experience. They are afraid that Jonny and Eddie are not up for the challenge.

When it is time to present their desserts, Krissi serves a rich and delicious cheesecake with raspberry bombs. While Jonny's pineapple cheesecake is all crust, Kathy's dish gets praise from Graham.

Despite the fact that Eddie's berry compote bleeds all over the cheesecake, Gordon calls it a "bloody good effort." Savannah's poorly executed salted caramel cheesecake and Adriana's guava paste topping land them in the bottom two positions. In the end, the judges send Adriana home.

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