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Top 10 Compete

Top 10 Compete

Aired: 7/10/13

The ten remaining home cooks arrive in Huntington Beach, California, for an epic oceanside team challenge. Judges Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastianich arrive via jet skis, while Graham Elliot follows behind on a boogie board. In this week's challenge, the players must prepare a meal for 101 hungry surfers.

The contestants can choose from ahi tuna, cod, catfish and mahimahi to make fish tacos. They have 60 minutes in which to prep and 60 minutes to serve. They will give each surfer two identical tacos with one sauce. The surfers will vote on which taco they prefer, and the first team to reach 51 votes wins.

Because Jessie won the last challenge, she gets to pick her entire team. The remaining cooks will be her competitors. She will also decide which of those five will be the team captain. She chooses James, Eddie, Bethy and Natasha for her team. She also selects Savannah as captain of the Red Team, which includes Jordan, Krissi, Luca and Bri.

Savannah's team decides to test a beer batter before deciding on which fish to work with. Jessie's team immediately goes with the mahimahi.

On the Red Side, Jordan is making a cilantro lime sauce, while James is preparing a chipotle sauce for the Blue Team. Joe and Graham taste his first attempt at it and think it's too hot. Krissi presents her fried cod to her Red teammates, but no one likes it, and they decide to grill the fish instead.

As the surfers arrive, the Blue Team serves a grilled mahimahi taco with chipotle ranch slaw. The Red Team has made spicy blackened cod tacos with pickled onions and cabbage.

The Red Team is quickly able to serve their hungry customers, but the Blue Team runs out of fish. Still, despite a slow start, they catch up and are able to move the surfers through their line. A miscalculation on the Red Team leaves them a bit short on their final few tacos, but they do manage to complete their last few orders.

Once all the diners have tried both tacos, they line up to vote for their favorite. The Red Team is the pick of the first 22 diners, but then the Blue Team comes up from behind, collecting the next 51 votes to win the challenge.

The Red Team will now face the Pressure Test. Back at the MasterChef kitchen, the judges give the members of the winning team various baseball jerseys. As a reward for winning the challenge, the five home cooks will get to go to the All-Stars game with Graham.

Joe sends the Red Team into the wine room to decide as a team which member gets to sit this one out. While deliberating, they all name Krissi as the weakest link, and she gets into a heated argument with the other players. In the end they choose to have Jordan sit out the Pressure Test. The other four will have to cook three chicken breasts - saut?ed, Southern-fried and mozzarella-stuffed. They have 40 minutes.

When time is up, Savannah is the first to bring her chicken dishes to the judges. Her saut?ed breast is fatty, her fried chicken is raw and her stuffed version is the best of the three.

Krissi is up next. Her saut?ed dish is seasoned nicely but slightly undercooked. Graham likes her fried chicken, but her third entr?e is understuffed.

Luca overcooks his saut?ed chicken and undercooks his fried and stuffed breasts. Bri, the vegetarian, also serves the judges raw poultry.

Three of the four cooks have delivered undercooked chicken, making the judges' decision difficult. Krissi emerges as the winner, and Savannah is asked to turn in her apron and leave the competition.

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