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Top 11 Compete

Top 11 Compete

Aired: 7/10/13

The remaining home cooks compete in a Mystery Box Challenge to see who will make it into the Top 10 for the season. Judges Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot begin by revealing the contents of a very large Mystery Box: actress and restaurateur Eva Longoria.

Eva has handpicked the ingredients the players must use to create a stunning dish - pork tenderloin, shrimp, Mexican chocolate, chili peppers, jalapeno and an assortment of fruits and veggies. They have 60 minutes to cook with these Mexican-inspired ingredients.

Throughout the challenge, the judges and Eva taste elements of all of the cooks' dishes. When time is up, they take one last look to choose the top three.

First up is Bri, who presents her butter-and-cilantro shrimp with grilled corn salad. Gordon says the balance is wonderful and he is surprised a vegetarian can make such perfectly cooked shrimp.

The second dish is Eddie's chili pork loin with cream of corn and mango relish. Eva tells him it was the best-cooked pork dish of the challenge.

Finally, Savannah brings up her spice-crusted pork loin with creamed corn and guacamole. It is plated beautifully, and Joe enjoys the spicy flavor.

Gordon announces that Bri is the winner and will now get a huge advantage in the Elimination Test. The judges take her into the pantry. She will get to sit out the challenge, but all of her fellow players will compete.

Bri is presented with two baskets of fresh ingredients from Walmart. She can choose one player to cook with the first group of items, and the other players will use the second batch.

The first basket contains strawberries, a banana, three eggs, milk, butter, sugar, flour, gelatin, baking powder and a lemon. Competitors using these $5 worth of ingredients will have 60 minutes to cook. Joe advises that if there's someone bad at making desserts, this could knock them out of the competition.

The second group of groceries, worth $25, contains an assortment of fresh veggies and a premium choice rib eye steak. The cooks using this basket will have only 30 minutes to make a mouth-watering dish.

Bri decides to assign the steak basket to Natasha because she is a better baker and this will put her at a disadvantage. The rest of the competitors will have 60 minutes to make a dessert.

Some of the players struggle with the sweet task, while Natasha feels confident with her savory dish. When time runs out, Luca is first up to present his banana cake with pastry cream and strawberry compote. It gets good reviews from the judges.

As Lynn approaches with his baked meringue with banana puree, Gordon calls him "The King of Plating." But the judges are shocked to see the final product, and Joe asks, "Did you drive over it?" Unfortunately, the dessert doesn't taste any better than it looks, and Joe throws it in the trash.

Savannah's banana cream pie with meringue disappoints the judges too. Jessie's shortbread tart with caramelized banana is deemed delicious, but James' deep-fried banana with strawberry puree and custard does not get good reviews.

Krissi's strawberry muffins with caramelized bananas are way too dense, and they join Lynn's dessert in the trash. Last up is Natasha with her rib eye steak with sweet potato fries. It is visually beautiful and perfectly cooked.

After conferring, the judges arrive at a decision. Jessie's tart is chosen as the best dish of the night, while James, Lynn and Krissi end up at the bottom. In the most shocking elimination of the season, front-runner Lynn is sent home from the MasterChef competition after going from hero to zero.

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