• The contestants each receive a reminder of why they are in the MasterChef kitchen.

  • With a fresh boost of confidence, the contestants find out what is hiding in the Mystery Box.

  • After receiving a letter from his father, Cutter is inspired to use squab as his main protein.

  • Christian checks on his stuffed pork chop, which has, so far, impressed the judges.

  • After being split into pairs, chosen by Courtney, the cooks taste the dim sum dishes they will need to recreate.

  • Leslie, paired with Jaimee, isn't too worried about what his partner thinks.

  • Christian tries to help his partner, WIllie, as best he can from the sidelines.

  • After presenting a disastrous dish void of his usual love, Willie is eliminated.

  • The remaining 8 cooks learn that they'll get to choose their own teams for the next challenge.

  • The team each selects a box that holds a cut of chicken. They will not know what it is until they return to their stations.

  • Daniel and Jaimee try to figure out how to prepare the chicken wings they received.

  • Leslie and Elizabeth are in complete agreement in how they should prepare their chicken oysters.

  • Willie is worried about Cutter's plans for their chicken breast.

  • Tonight's pressure test is actually 3-in-1. They will be given dishes featuring eggs: a poached egg, egg yolk pasta, and a soufflĂ©.

  • After all three pressure tests, the judges must choose between Jaimee and Daniel. After a very close call, it is Daniel who must leave the kitchen.

  • The top 10 home cooks are tasked with serving concessions to fans at a children's football game.

  • Jaimee, captain of the Red Team, fears that she is too soft spoken to be heard in a team challenge.

  • The Blue Team, lead by Courtney, quickly agrees to serve guacamole burgers and fish tacos with a cilantro and lime sauce.

  • With fans filling in the stadium, Christian is worried that his turkey burger patties are too wet.


  • The Red Team celebrates a victory in the pouring rain!


  • Heading into the pressure test, Courtney is allowed to save herself and the judges save Christian.


  • The contestants get just 60 minutes to prepare three prawn dishes.


  • Knowing that only one cook will survive the pressure test, Victoria tries to stay confident.

  • The other contestants feel that, for the first time, Ahran is showing her age with her inability to handle the live prawns.


  • The eleven remaining cooks will compete to make it into the Top 10!

  • The cooks received one box of standard refrigerator staples, and one box of their gourmet counterparts. They'll have to pick just one box to cook with.

  • Daniel is hoping that most of the cooks won't choose the cheap box, allowing his dish to stand out.

  • Courtney feels that if the best ingredients are available, why would you use anything else?

  • After winning the Mystery Box Challenge, Leslie learns what his advantage will be.

  • Cutter investigates the caramelle pasta which he will have to recreate.

  • Christian works on the filling of his pasta.

  • With her dough all rolled out, Elizabeth prepares to create her pasta.

  • After creating a sauce and pasta that did not go well together, Francis must say goodbye to the MasterChef kitchen.

  • Tonight's challenge theme is love! Seventeen couples will fill the MasterChef kitchen and two teams of 6 will prepare a romantic dinner.


  • Ahran, who has actually never been on a date, immediately decides to go with lobster as the Red Team's main protein.

  • The Blue Team, led by Elizabeth, will be preparing a medium rare filet with beet and potato puree.


  • With all the tables in the restaurant full, the teams begin plating the main course.

  • While diners enjoy the main course, the teams prepare dessert.

  • After losing the challenge, the Red Team will face-off in a dessert themed pressure test.

  • The cooks gather ingredients to help them create nine hand-crafted chocolate truffles.

  • Cutter worries that his hands were made for cooking meat, not crafting truffles.

  • Ahran, who just lost her confidence, works on her milk chocolate mocha truffles.


  • After preparing a box of very bitter chocolates, Christine must hand in her apron and leave the MasterChef kitchen.


  • The Top 13 prepare for another Mystery Box challenge.

  • Chef Ramsay filets his salmon alongside the contestants.

  • Once their salmon is filleted, the contestants must also cook it.

  • Christian, who presented a restaurant quality salmon dish, learns of his massive advantage in the elimination round.

  • The remaining 12 contestants learn which shopping basket they have been assigned.

  • Christine is feeling confident with the ingredients involved in this challenge.

  • Ahran, who is not very familiar with the ingredients chosen by Joe, may be at a disadvantage.

  • After struggling with both of today's challenges, Elise must leave the MasterChef kitchen.

  • The remaining 14 contestants' next challenge will be running this all-American diner!

  • The Red Team, run by Christine, decides who will work on each station.

  • The Blue Team, headed by Willie, struggles to keep track of multiple orders.

  • The Red Team starts to fall behind when Elise struggles with club sandwiches.

  • Leslie begins cracking under pressure at the egg station.

  • The Red Team celebrates the end of service and a victory.

  • The bottom four members of the Blue Team must compete in a pressure test.

  • They will have 90 minutes to create a three layer red velvet cake.

  • When Willie's cake receives rave reviews from the judges, the other cooks begin to look worried.

  • After creating an overcooked and lopsided cake, Dan must hand in his apron and leave the kitchen.

  • Joe unveils today's challenge: surf and turf.

  • Working in teams of two, chosen by Courtney, the cooks scramble for ingredients.

  • Chef Ramsay discovers that Cutter and Dan aren't on the same page with their dish.

  • Francis and Elise are creating a crab risotto with a rack of lamb, but their opposite cooking styles may be a challenge.

  • Leslie, who is paired with Ahran, works on correctly pronouncing his partner's name.

  • The bottom four chefs are given a selection of ingredients and tasked with creating spring rolls.

  • Francis B feels pretty sure that he is not going home today.

  • Cutter, who has never made a spring roll, is worried about this pressure test.

  • Christian, who has never made a spring roll, is banking on his sauce being the best.

  • After having to cook his spring rolls twice and ending up with a soggy dish, Francis B must leave the kitchen.

  • After winning the Mystery Box Challenge, Elizabeth heads to the pantry to learn of her advantage in the Elimination Challenge.

  • The contestants learn that they will be cooking one of two dishes created by Luca and Alexander.

  • The contestants chosen to create Alexander's passion fruit panna cotta examine and taste the dish.

  • Courtney, cooking Luca's pancetta wrapped veal, is gaining confidence in her palate and ability to recreate dishes.

  • Christian, who confesses he isn't very great with desserts, works on his panna cotta.

  • Cutter, who has never made or even eaten a panna cotta, begins the final preparations of his plate.

  • Tyler brought the judges a dish that he did not cook. Even if it was accidental, Tyler's MasterChef journey ends tonight.

  • The judges announce a MasterChef wedding, which the contestants will be catering!

  • The Blue Team, led by Francis L, is united and focused.

  • Without solid leadership from Leslie, the Red Team is going in too many directions.

  • The bride throws a blue bouquet, signaling a win for the Blue Team!

  • Only three cooks from the Blue Team, chosen by the judges, will be competing in the Pressure Test.

  • Leslie, Francis B, and Jordan have 30 minutes to create a perfect medium-rare steak frites.

  • Although most of the cooks were hoping that Leslie would be headed home, he cooked a nearly perfect steak.

  • Jordan's steak had good color, but was slightly overcooked and didn't have a lot of flavor. Unfortunately, he must leave the MasterChef kitchen.

The contestants each receive a reminder of why they are in the MasterChef kitchen.