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Aired Aug 16 2017Episode 11

The Top 12 face a team challenge that tasks them with serving 50 entertainment and hospitality VIPs at Caesars Palace.

Aired Aug 9 2017Episode 10

Former winner Shaun O'Neale selects certain ingredients from his cookbook to be used for the home cooks' mystery challenge.

Aired Aug 2 2017Episode 9

The remaining home cooks are divided into two teams; the losing team faces a pressure test to create a classic Italian dessert, the cannoli.

Aired Jul 26 2017Episode 8

The Top 15 are given a mystery box challenge that tasks them with creating a dish featuring a different body part of a cow.

Aired Jul 19 2017Episode 7

The home cooks travel for The Belvedere restaurant in Beverly Hills, to take over the dining room breakfast service in two teams.

Aired Jul 12 2017Episode 6

The home cooks must use fine artistry as they prepare rack of lamb for their skills challenge, leading to an elimination challenge for the underperformers.

Aired Jun 28 2017Episode 5

The Top 18 home chefs must cook some of the world's finest shellfish for their mystery box challenge.

Aired Jun 21 2017Episode 4

The top 19 chefs will have to prepare and cook fresh fish for 101 lifeguards who will then vote on their favorite dish.

Aired Jun 14 2017Episode 3

Top 20 will have to take 12 of the most popular ingredients found on any American home cook’s shopping list and make the judges a MASTERCHEF-worthy dish.

Aired Jun 7 2017Episode 2

The remaining competing home cooks vie for the chance to earn one of only nine aprons available to progress onto the Top 20 by impressing the judges.

Aired May 31 2017Episode 1

Forty new home cooks go on a journey to Los Angeles in the hopes of competing in the White Apron challenge.