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Aired Jul 1 2015Episode 8

Each team will prepare a two-course menu for the 100th episode celebration, during which VIP guests will dine on oyster and caviar appetizers and a duck breast entree, followed by a special surprise dish by judge Christina Tosi.

Aired Jun 24 2015Episode 7

It's proven that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day when the home cooks are each tasked to create an elevated breakfast dish in 45 minutes.

Aired Jun 17 2015Episode 6

The home cooks take a surprise trip to Las Vegas, where they are split into two teams to take over Drai's Nightclub and feed 101 Las Vegas performers.

Aired Jun 10 2015Episode 5

In the next mystery box challenge, the home cooks will have to come out of their shells when they must prepare unique crab dishes for the judges.

Aired Jun 3 2015Episode 4

The remaining 20 home cooks face their first challenge of the season at an amusement park.

Aired May 27 2015Episode 3

After the Battle for the Apron concludes, the Top 22 home cooks in America face their first Mystery Box Challenge.

Aired May 20 2015Episode 2

The Top 22 home cooks must have an immense passion for food and be determined to out-cook their rivals in a series of head-to-head battles.

Aired May 20 2015Episode 1

Forty of the best home cooks in America will travel to Los Angeles to present their signature dishes to the distinguished judging panel: Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and new judge Christina Tosi.

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Aired Jul 1 2015
Episode 8
Aired Jun 24 2015
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Aired Jun 17 2015
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