About Stephen Lee

About Stephen Lee

1. Who/what is your biggest culinary inspiration and why?
My biggest culinary inspiration is the local community-driven farm. I love my local farmers and love cooking what they have to offer. Additionally, it it is the person I am cooking for. I do my best to give people some great tasting food that is good for them. My food makes people happy.
2. What is your favorite comfort food?
My favorite comfort food involves more than just the food because food can be more comforting depending on the occasion. One of my favorite occasions was after finishing my work out in the field, coming in the house and having some corn chowder on the wood burning stove with warm soda bread. 
3. What is the best, most unexpected culinary combination?
I thought balsamic and soy sauce are a peculiar and good combination. 
4. If you could choose your last meal on earth, what would it be?
My last meal would definitely be a strawberry shortcake with my friends and family. Some hand made pasta with a primavera sauce with a huge roasted vegetable salad. And a Dr. Pepper because although I don't drink it often, I am in love with it. 
5. If you could make dinner for any person, living or dead, who would it be? What would you cook for them?
I would like to cook for Noam Chomsky - he is getting older now and since his wife passed away, I'm worried he isn’t eating well enough. I would make a vegetarian Matza ball soup, some sweet potato expands and then ask him what he wanted for his entrée. 
6. What’s the best culinary advice you’ve ever been given?
When Gordon Ramsay said, "Stephen put your tongue back in your mouth.” 

7. If you could only bring three ingredients to a deserted island, which ingredients would you bring?
These are tough questions - I would bring seeds to grow a tree so I could build a raft and float away. 

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