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7 Chefs Compete

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Aired: 8/22/11

As the show begins, Chef Ramsay explains that he's come to a decision and that he wants all of the competitors to take off their jackets. He tells them that he's closing "Hell's Kitchen" because he's not convinced that any of them has the drive to become the head chef at BLT Steak. But the contestants go from terrified to thrilled when he reveals that they'll be flying to New York City the following morning to see the restaurant first hand.

Chef Ramsay has made plans for the competitors to visit the culinary crossroads of the world while they're in New York City. They go on a tasting tour and sample an Italian clam pizza, Chinese Peking duck, French foie gras, and Mexican carnitas. They also try some Greek, Jamaican, and Indian fare before visiting BLT Steak.

Reinvigorated from their trip, the chefs return to "Hell's Kitchen." Chef Ramsay tells them that for their next challenge they will try their hands at ethnic cuisine. Every contestant steps up to a specially designed "Hell's Kitchen" slot machine, which will determine the protein, starch, fruit, and two vegetables used in each dish. A coin will come out, displaying the type of cuisine.

Natalie pulls the handle first. She will be making a Jamaican dish with pork. Jennifer spins the slot machine and has to prepare Greek salmon. Will gambles for ingredients and ends up with scallops, mango, and asparagus to prepare an Italian dish.

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04/10/2014 06/05/2014
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03/13/2014 05/08/2014


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