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8 Chefs Compete

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Aired: 8/22/11

After an unsettling night watching Jamie get sent home, Chef Ramsay gets right down to the business of assigning the next challenge. He tells the eight remaining contestants that it's time for this season's Blind Taste Test. It's always a critical challenge for Chef Ramsay, as he feels that a discriminating palate is essential to being a great chef.

The contestants will need to identify foods by taste alone; the team with the most correct answers will win the challenge. Tommy from the Blue Team and Carrie from the Red Team are first to taste. Neither recognizes the anchovies or the egg yolks. Carrie gets carrots right, while Tommy correctly identifies the mango, so each team has a point at the end of the round.

Will and Elizabeth square off next. Elizabeth earns no points for the Red Team, while Will correctly guesses mushy peas. The Blue Team takes the lead, two points to one.

Then Paul and Jennifer go head-to-head. Paul recognizes the asparagus, and Jennifer identifies the cheddar cheese. Neither guesses chicken or pecans correctly, leaving the Blue Team still ahead by a single point.

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