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9 Chefs Compete Part 1

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Aired: 10/13/10

And then there were nine. Fresh off Melissa's elimination, Sabrina admits she dodged a bullet, and her team pleads with her to "drop the attitude." She promises that she will, but some of her fellow team members have their doubts. Over on the blue side, Boris laments about his bad dinner service and says he's ready to make a comeback.

The next morning the chefs report downstairs, where Chef Ramsay unveils a roulette table that's replaced the traditional numbers with letters. Each chef will spin the wheel and then have ten seconds to come up with an ingredient that starts with the letter the ball has landed on. The teams will then have 30 minutes to create one amazing dish based on the five ingredients they've chosen.

Since the Blue Team only has four members, Vinny gets to spin twice and comes up with kale and yams. The next three spins lead to miso (that's Boris' choice, and the guys are less than thrilled), striped bass, and asparagus. On the Red Team, Trevor freezes when he gets the easy letter R and ends up blurting out rutabaga. After Jillian, Sabrina, and Gail come up with cauliflower, bok choy, and fennel, Nona saves the day by finally choosing a main ingredient, salmon.

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