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Now that Chef Ramsay has sent Michael (a contestant neither team nominated for elimination) home, both teams head back to the dorms and Jason goes on a swear-laced rant, angry he was put on the chopping block.

The next morning, everyone heads down to the dining room, where Chef Ramsay reminds the remaining 13 contestants that the previous night's dinner service was full of disasters and no communication, so he gives them a challenge focused on teamwork. The teams have 30 minutes to cook a simple lunch menu, including burgers, fries, and salads for a crowd with the dining room split down the middle. The team who serves its half first will win. The ladies quickly get cooking, focused on finally winning their first challenge. The customers literally come marching in, and the contestants discover they'll be serving the USC Marching Band, along with a gaggle of cheerleaders.

The Blue Team quickly falls behind, leaving its half of the diners waiting. Chef Ramsay blows up at Jason for being slow on the salads and not responding to him and Scott for sending a raw burger to the pass. The Red Team also runs into trouble when Jamie lags on the burger station, but with just a few tables left to serve, the ladies pull ahead and win the challenge. They're rewarded with a day at the beach in Malibu, where they get play a game of soccer against "Team Ramsay," which consists of Chef Ramsay and his wife and kids. Meanwhile, the guys must help the non-profit organization Heal the Bay clean up the Los Angeles River.

The next morning, as both teams prepare for dinner service, Fran is excited to finally get the chance to prove herself since she was kicked out of the kitchen during the first service and spent the second service out on the floor making tuna appetizers. But her time in the kitchen is once again in jeopardy when she spills boiling water on herself and burns her hand. Not wanting to waste a moment, she makes the dangerous decision to keep her injury to herself. Just before dinner service, Chef Ramsay calls upon Holli and Salvatore to assist Jean-Philippe out on the floor as assistant maitre d's. Turns out he chose the wrong guy, since no one can read Salvatore's tickets and the Italian admits he can't really write in English, which causes an early slowdown in the Blue Kitchen. Though Ed offers Scott some unwanted help on his station, he doesn't take it, and Chef Ramsay finds Scott's potatoes unacceptable.

Two hours into dinner service, both teams begin sending entrees out, but when Salvatore brings back a Wellington for not being cooked medium-well, the problem turns out to be his own fault since he didn't write the temperature on the ticket, and Chef Ramsay lets him have it. Frustrated, Salvatore heads out of the restaurant, but Jean-Philippe persuades him to come back. In the Red Kitchen, as Fran struggles with her burn, she continues to mess up her steak temperatures and ends up getting scolded by Chef Ramsay. Trouble continues to brew on the ladies' side as Jamie makes errors on her garnish and though Siobhan steps in to help, Chef Ramsay sends her back to her own station. Turns out he was right as usual: Siobhan was so busy helping Jamie, she undercooked the halibut at her own station. After another meat station mix-up, Fran tells Autumn about her burn, who in turn shares the information with Chef Ramsay. He insists she see a medic, Fran is soon able to return to the kitchen just as dinner service is wrapping up.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
13/7 12 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
12 Chefs CompeteThe teams must create Italian opera-inspired dishes and go head-to-head against a member of the other team.
10/15/2014 12/10/2014
13/6 13 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
13 Chefs CompeteIt's pick your protein challenge.
10/08/2014 12/03/2014
13/5 14 Chefs Compete (43:13)  
14 Chefs CompeteThe contestants face a difficult protein challenge.
10/01/2014 11/26/2014
13/4 15 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
15 Chefs CompeteFor the first time in HELL’S KITCHEN history, the contestants are given 20 minutes to prepare breakfast for a culinary school graduation.
09/24/2014 11/19/2014
13/3 16 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
16 Chefs CompeteIn order to strengthen team communication, Chef Ramsay gives the contestants a unique recipe challenge.
09/17/2014 11/12/2014

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