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Aired: 8/10/10

After an intense season filled with cut-throat competition and difficult dinner services, only two chefs are left - Boston executive chef Jay, and Holli, a banquet chef from Redlands, California, who surprised everyone by pulling ahead and landing in the final two.

With Ben and Autumn now eliminated, Chef Ramsay tells both Holli and Jay to go upstairs and starting thinking about the menus they'll be creating for their final (and separate) dinner services of the season as they compete for an executive chef position at the Savoy Grill in London.

During confessional Jay admits that he's underestimated Holli, while Holli says she'll do whatever it takes to win. Upstairs in the dorms, the two toast with Champagne and hug. After flirting and joining each other on rewards for the last few episodes, Holli says, "Hey, Jay, we're all alone..." Hmmm.

The next morning Jay and Holli work with sous chefs Scott and Andi to finalize their menus. While Jay says that he's been planning for the finals since day one and wants to incorporate big and bold flavors, Holli admits she's not sure what to make since she never imagined she'd make it this far.

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