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15 Chefs Compete

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After being pulled out of the dining room and into the kitchen to help save the first dinner service, returning chef Robert is a new player in this competition. Chef Ramsay assigns him to the floundering red team, the women's team. This makes the blue team feel that chef Ramsay is giving the red team a big advantage since Robert is the only chef ever to compete in Hell's Kitchen twice.

In the shrimp challenge, both teams need to clean (de-shell, de-vein, and de-head) as many shrimp as possible in ten minutes. Though both teams are confident they've done well, Tennille ends up with only one shrimp up to Chef Ramsay's standards out of ten and Robert only gets four. Jim delivers the final shrimp and the victory for the men.

The women's punishment is preparing shrimp cocktails, with deseeded lemons and cocktail sauce, for the entire dinner service. Meanwhile, the blue team spends the day in luxurious Newport Beach, lunching with Chef Ramsay, then having dessert with JP on a yacht.

At dinner service, Tennille and Van are assigned to tableside shrimp scampi duty. Both teams struggle with their dining room duties with Tennille serving raw shrimp to a pregnant woman and Van dropping pans on the floor and serving one of the opposing team's tables. A horrified JP pulls Van aside and they almost get into a fistfight in front of the customers. Chef Ramsay straightens both out and the dismal dinner service is rounded out with both sides serving up raw chicken, Tony continuing to flail on the fish station, and Robert disappointing.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
13/7 12 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
12 Chefs CompeteThe teams must create Italian opera-inspired dishes and go head-to-head against a member of the other team.
10/15/2014 07/16/2015
13/6 13 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
13 Chefs CompeteIt's pick your protein challenge.
10/08/2014 07/16/2015
13/5 14 Chefs Compete (43:13)  
14 Chefs CompeteThe contestants face a difficult protein challenge.
10/01/2014 07/16/2015
13/4 15 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
15 Chefs CompeteFor the first time in HELL’S KITCHEN history, the contestants are given 20 minutes to prepare breakfast for a culinary school graduation.
09/24/2014 07/16/2015
13/3 16 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
16 Chefs CompeteIn order to strengthen team communication, Chef Ramsay gives the contestants a unique recipe challenge.
09/17/2014 07/16/2015

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