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Bonnie consoles Jen, who feels bad about her spaghetti incident. "I lost my sense of judgment being in this competition," Jen explains. Yet Vinnie keeps harping on how it was wrong to pull food from the garbage, which makes Jen feel even worse.

The next day, Chef Ramsay lines up the chefs and explains that they are not tasting their dishes. Perhaps they need help in that area? The next challenge will be to test their palettes. One by one they are blindfolded and given three foods to recognize by taste. Julia and Brad are up first. She easily spots American cheese, but Brad doesn't. They both know fried chicken, but neither can pick out a plain, boiled carrot.

Melissa and Rock step up to the plate. He beats her on hard boiled egg yolk, but they are both stumped by venison. Next are Bonnie and Josh. At first she tells Chef that she can hear him through the earphones. They are fixed to make her unable to hear Chef describe each food. Bonnie beats Josh on both bak choi and pear. The women are leading the men 5-3. It's down to Vinnie and Jen. He doesn't know seared tuna, so the girls win automatically.

Chef determines that the boys need help on their palettes, so they will be doing all prep in both kitchens for that night's dinner service. Withdrawing to the dorms, the men are convinced that Bonnie could still hear through the earphones as Chef Ramsay said the name of each food item. Vinnie confronts Bonnie, who maintains that she didn't cheat.

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Episode Title Description Air Date Expires
13/7 12 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
12 Chefs CompeteThe teams must create Italian opera-inspired dishes and go head-to-head against a member of the other team.
10/15/2014 12/10/2014
13/6 13 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
13 Chefs CompeteIt's pick your protein challenge.
10/08/2014 12/03/2014
13/5 14 Chefs Compete (43:13)  
14 Chefs CompeteThe contestants face a difficult protein challenge.
10/01/2014 11/26/2014
13/4 15 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
15 Chefs CompeteFor the first time in HELL’S KITCHEN history, the contestants are given 20 minutes to prepare breakfast for a culinary school graduation.
09/24/2014 11/19/2014
13/3 16 Chefs Compete (43:12)  
16 Chefs CompeteIn order to strengthen team communication, Chef Ramsay gives the contestants a unique recipe challenge.
09/17/2014 11/12/2014

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