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11 Chefs Compete

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Following the elimination of Polly, the teams retreat to the dorms. The women lament losing the first service. Sara, embarrassed for the women and acting like one, cries. The chefs lay down for some needed sleep, only to be aggressively awoken early the next morning by Scott and Mary Ann. The teams assemble outside in front of Chef Ramsay.

Chef Ramsay asks if they have any idea how much food was sent to the bin last night. To make sure they understand just how much food cost they wasted, he orders them into the dumpsters to pick out the waste. The teams five in, rip open the garbage bags and start picking through all of the food. Once he's satisfied that the cooks understand the importance of not wasting food, Chef Ramsay orders them to clean up before returning to the kitchen.

Then it's time for the first team challenge, value for money. Dropping a slab of beef on the table, Chef Ramsay discusses maximizing meat before cutting into it. With a steak special going on to the menu, Chef Ramsay wants each team to take the side of meat and cut perfect 10 ounce steaks without any waste. And because the teams are uneven, he asks Keith to sit out for the challenge. Giving the teams ten minutes to cut as many steaks as possible, he turns them loose.

Each cook grabs a side of beef and begins cutting slabs of sirloin from the bone. After trimming a thin layer of fat, the cook begins cutting individual steaks. The teams race to finish as time ticks down. Chef Ramsay grabs Sara's cutting board and immediately removes a tattered steak from the mix. Comparing her cuts to his first cut, he accepts three steaks of the dozen or so she cut. From Heather, he only accepts two steaks. Rachel nets three. Virginia's first effort looks like flank steak and is tossed aside. She only produced two acceptable steaks, the same amount the Maribel made. The women only cut twelve acceptable steaks, and Chef Ramsay chides the women for wasting so much meat.

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