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Aired: 7/25/13

It is the eve of the last dinner service in Hell's Kitchen, and a group of former contestants has been brought in to assist finalists Ja'Nel and Mary in the season conclusion. Although Ja'Nel briefly considers making a team member trade with Mary, she decides to keep her group intact.

The next morning, Mary, Ja'Nel and their brigades are focused on prepping their menus and getting sample dishes ready for Chef Ramsay's input and approval. The ever-confident Zach says he and Ray are the secret weapons that are going to take Ja'Nel to victory - but Susan is concerned that they're bad apples who are going to spoil the whole bunch. In the Red Kitchen, Mary worries that Dan's questionable attitude and skill level are going to slow down her team.

With 15 minutes remaining until Chef Ramsay arrives, Mary and Ja'Nel push their teams to complete their dishes. Although Dan isn't exactly being cooperative, Mary decides to keep forging ahead but will keep an eye on him at dinner service.

When Ja'Nel presents her menu to Chef Ramsay, she explains that she's taken a few Southern dishes with classic flavors and added some elements to elevate them a bit. He praises her BLT salad, roasted veal cheeks and oven-roasted chicken. He also compliments Mary on her sweet potato gnocchi, Chilean sea bass and short rib tortellini.

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