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5 Chefs Compete, Pt. 2

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Aired: 6/27/13

After being awarded their black jackets, the five remaining competitors learn they will be going head-to-head with five former Hell's Kitchen winners at the next dinner service. Chef Ramsay introduces them to Rock from Season 3, Christina from Season 4, Dave from Season 6, Nona from Season 8 and Paul from Season 9.

They also learn that each team must come up with one distinctive appetizer and entrée to be added to the classic Hell's Kitchen menu. And the teams will have to decide which chef will be on each station.

After brainstorming all night, both teams return to the kitchen in the morning to prepare a sample of their entrees and appetizers for Chef Ramsay's review. While Susan expresses concern that there isn't enough time for her group to prepare their duck confit, the champions are feeling confident in their creations.

With less than an hour before the doors open for dinner, Chef Ramsay tastes the evening's specials from both teams. But the current contestants have a problem when they are unable to serve their duck confit. In contrast, Chef Ramsay praises the champions' selections. When the final five present a second attempt at their dishes for the evening, they too get a stamp of approval.

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